Daily Prompt: Recreate

If I wanted to rule the world I might do the following:

1. First I would test a few things out to see how well everyone was being indoctrinated by their teachers, the mainstream media & especially by their family.

2. I would see how easy it was to brainwash with constant specific messages & how the sober are effected verses all those that are now on some kind of mood enhancement courtesy of the pharmaceutical companies constant droning hypnosis that we are all depressed & should ask our Drs for these meds. I believe most of us are not happy for sure, because our lives were hijacked by the same greedy power mongers years ago with their great idea that we could pick a much better paying slave job if we agree to waste more time & lots of our hard earned money being indoctrinated longer by them. Insane, but most fell for it, didn’t they? This did not effect the rich adversely, only the poor masses.

3. Once I saw how easy it was to brainwash & control these masses as well as pay certain individuals off, I would begin promoting messages & ideas that destroy the basic structure of the family unit, making many more depending on me. I would accept & promote behavior that was long considered “sin” to encourage this behavior that ruins the man & the society he resides in. The more people I can break, the more I have that will look to me to “fix” them & depend on me. Once the masses are broken, lost, confused & desperate, I will promise to help them all & tell them it’s not their fault so they will never feel guilty or try to change for the better by looking to God or themselves for any inner strength or truth. They won’t even know how to better themselves once hobbled spiritually & financially. They will be trapped, they will be mine forever!

4. Giving free money to those who don’t want a man around is a start. This way the children will not have the structure or discipline given by the love & support of a father in the home that’s needed for a successful life, thus leaving them totally dependent on me probably for the rest of their lives. If they should turn to crime, it won’t effect the elite in their private, gated communities. In fact, no matter how we harm or destroy the less fortunate, we never pay the price, only the other poor do.

5. If my enemies ever get in my way, I would find a way to get rid of them or at least ruin them by framing them, spreading rumors by all the news sources I bought up because I have the money & no trouble finding people to lie, cheat, steal & even kill for me for the right price. After all, there’s no God, that’s a silly nursery story for the feeble minded. & even though I can’t prove this, all the empty & desperate will believe me because there’s something in it for them right now. They have to do what I say or they will be cut off, bullied, demonized or in many ways ostracized & shunned till they can no longer run a business or find a job which will lead to their end. Sort of like the Biblical mark of the beast that allows you to buy & sell. We’ve had this mark for many years & it’s called a social security number, TIN, TID, whatever.

Does any of this sound familiar? It should. It’s America. It’s our current culture & exactly what the control freak demoncrats have managed to do in America & it’s only getting worse. It’s what they are doing to Donald Trump after trying to frame him as a cheater & pervert. His guilt was locker room talk & the wish for stronger borders from illegal immigration, nothing else. They continue to blame him for the violence they have caused from the start by crashing his campaign rallies and verbally abusing his supporters and when he threw them out, they demonized him for daring to do the right thing. They have had nothing on him from the start. He never had a cross word said about him until he dared to run against Queen Hillary the profane that in itself should cause anyone pause. Trump’s administration spent less time with Russia than the Obama administration or Hillary herself making her illegal uranium deal with them while Secretary of State, a fact the mainstream media keeps quiet because illegal, secret emails and then wiping your server clean is damning evidence and it’s real, it’s not a rumor. So is creating a security threat to this country and doing any other business while Federally employed as a conflict of interest is grounds for being investigated, fired and charged with misconduct depending on what she was really up to.

It would be one thing if you fell for something because you didn’t know any better but the facts are on the table for anyone to see. The media is helping to orchestrate this by the various protests that make absolutely no sense at all & seemed staged for the most part, & their constant obvious illegal biased reporting including threats against President Trump’s life & other demonic, unprofessional, immature & insane behavior & claims that Trump is racist & a Nazi because he does not want terrorists to destroy America like the other leaders have allowed in Europe courtesy of the same Global group that Obama was making trade agreements with even worse than was done by Bill Clinton in his time. This is what these people are doing. Selling our country & our heritage including the very freedom our forefathers died for so THEY & ONLY THEM & THEIR FRIENDS will be rich & powerful. Wrap you little peasant brain around that! Nothing is being done right now, by them that will help you one bit so why in the hell would you be trying so hard to help them screw you & your loved ones over like this? You wouldn’t unless you really didn’t know any better.

Will There be Another BIG BANG?

I think there will be, but not in the manner of the original phrase.  Not because those book learned yet foolish scientists are playing games with trying to create the BIG BANG, which is insane on the face of it.  No.  I mean everything that man is now doing is beyond wrong and will be blowing up in their faces very soon.  Besides, people forget that the BIG BANG is merely some spiritually  unenlightened man’s theory.  I’ve noticed most in positions of power in our liberal, politically correct society are very ignorant.  They have no wisdom and it appears no sense of logic as well.


The BIG BANG is a label some give to the start of our universe and God’s people consider the instant God said “Let there be light.”  But scientists don’t want to mention God and would rather say a random explosion occurred in the cosmos and the fact that everything on God’s earth fits perfectly together is just a coincidence.  We all know what they say about coincidences and no one really knows how or why these occur.

I do wonder if the liberal world view is just ignorance and selfishness or if there actually are demonic forces driving some people to deliberately do things that will destroy this world.  The world God created.

You can never truly know another man’s heart, and that is another thing some men are pretending to find a solution to with mind reading machines.  What a laugh, like their lie detectors were not obtuse enough.  But then man’s dream is for ultimate control over other men.  It’s not enough to kill them, rape their women and burn their villages anymore.  They want to keep as many of them here to witness that superior skill of conquering their enemies and making them do their bidding.  Face it, you’re dead, what fun is that?  Who can they mock and dictate to?  Only the very ignorant kill their enemies anymore.

Political correctness or liberalism is causing enormous problems in our society and in the world in general.  It sounds good and even somewhat Christian to be kind and not judge others and in my real life, I don’t judge or treat anyone differently no matter who they are or what they do.  This does not mean that I tolerate bad or dangerous behavior from others such as abuse but I meet people on the same level no matter their status or beliefs.

The biggest problem I see with liberalism is hypocrisy.  What began as acceptance of sin is now a love for it and a complete contempt for God, Jesus and everything that stands for righteousness.  This proves what is really behind the movement.  I knew it all along but most fall for anything because they are not strong in the Word.  Most don’t know the Word of God at all and that’s why it’s been so easy for liberalism to take hold and for so many motivational speakers and others to sell their books and philosophies they steal from Christ all the while pretending it’s their great idea.

I’m not religious but I do recognize Jesus as the Son of God and that He was definitely born for a reason.  I am personally thankful for that reason and wish more knew His Words so they will get to know Him and He who sent Him, God!  There does appear to be a definite choosing of sides at this time and all one has to do is have a Facebook account with all the feeds that come in daily recanting all the atrocities going on in our world, all the lines being drawn and the doctrines quoted by so many of opposing sides to see that something big and bad is about to go down soon.

Much like tap dancing on that proverbial minefield, something definitely is about to go BANG in a BIG way!  Only fitting that something starting with a BIG BANG should end the same way.