We The Sheeple Need to Topple the Steeple

This is not just a reference to the church, but to all establishment we are to bow to. 

Welcome to the future of employment in America. They are trying to get rid of all unions and businesses will work people to death for low wages. We need to demand that we be allowed to live in America again. To homestead, raise our own crops, work the land and stop being victimized by large corporations and banks. This is truly the beginning of the end for American citizens. Life has no purpose anymore.  All we are is chattel who are forced to sell our lives cheaply to make others rich and then be put upon as ultimate consumers and brainwashed into handing over our hard-earned pennies to others for things that we really don’t need or want.  What’s up with that?

No wonder everyone is losing it, depressed, drunk and disorderly. They are fed up with being worked to death for peanuts and being told every move to make both on the job and when they try to drive home. Everything needs a permit, someones permission. When will all of us get to be treated like adults? When we take our freedom back anyway we have to. When we try, we are arrested. That is not freedom.  But try we will because man has no choice when others force their hands.

Will it Help the American Economy if There Were More Poor?

Governor (p)Rick Snider (purposely misspelled) signed the Right to Work bill into law, making Michigan the 24th state to begin this practice in the hopes of gradually phasing out unions.  The hope of the very wealthy, which this creep was before he bought his way to the governor’s mansion, is that more people will stop paying their union dues if their shops hire those that don’t have to pay dues.  They know the human nature of the working man and since every penny counts to most of us, they know that when enough people stop paying their dues, the unions will disappear along with job protection and better wages, and they won’t look like the union busters they are. 

What goes around, comes around and payback is a female dog.  They must not care what becomes of third world countries and the dictators and tyrants that live in them.  The peasants will only take so much, then history will keep repeating itself because people never seem to learn.