Grand Funk

Not the Railroad.

I am so “blue” today that I can barely make myself type this. I was crying yesterday. I can only take so many bad things at the same time. I think most of us are like this. Our governments know this. They know there are only so many issues that the working poor or those on fixed incomes can endure so they thought “house arrest” & job loss of “non-essentials” might be a nice icing on the tombstone for some of us.  The celebrities, their spokes people, lie.  We are NOT all in this together.  Those promoting & responsible for this “house arrest” are not in the same pay grade or predicament as the majority of the rest of the world.

I don’t think for a moment that these same people who have no sanctity for human life suddenly care so much about us that they would hold us all prisoners in our homes “for our own good.”  Our lives are being ruined for their global socialist dream & most of us will not be playing along.  I guess they figured they couldn’t wait for “nature to take its course” and just allow the older folks to die of natural causes.  Wonder how many of the deceased were eliminated to decrease their chance of any future Whistleblowers?

They have caused many “non-essential” people (their words, not mine) to permanently lose their jobs because of the many small businesses that are being destroyed the longer some are allowed to play this dangerous political game.  They demand we start “fearing” one another by creating “social distancing” rules (what I like to call “cock-blocking“), wearing masks made of materials that don’t keep out the virus but does effect our air flow, some even suggesting that people start being “taken out of homes if they are ill” instead of being cared for by their family.  We used to have a group that did things like this “for the good of all.”  They were called Nazis.  “New Normal” my ass!  Who would ever accept crazy evil as the new normal?  Humans need physical contact with others to survive.  This is cruel & the opposite of what one needs to help their immune system.

This is worse than anything the Nazi’s tried to pull back in the day & we see what happened to that demented group. There’s NO denying that some in positions of power right now infiltrated there for the sole purpose of destroying our way of life. In America we have the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. We have our Constitution & Bill of Rights, all of which are currently being circumvented in favor of the Global New World Order of Socialism & eventually slavery. We can all see it.

They don’t even try to hide their vile evil anymore & they still appear to have a fan club of ignorant, scared sheep that believe all the lies they hear on mainstream propaganda TV. That’s all mainstream has ever been, we just didn’t realize what they were prepping our brains for til now.  As George Carlin pointed out…why do you think the media calls what they do “programming?”

They believe they have it made with cameras, spyware & drones. They are really this stupid.  It will only be a matter of time when their first germ warfare attack against the people shows they need to “tweek” it to do the job they hoped it would. Take out Trump voters & other “Conservative Christians.”  This is evident by the initial claims that this “coronavirus” especially harms the sick & elderly.  I wish I was wrong or paranoid but sadly I now know that I am not.

We know that Bill Gates has openly talked about the biggest danger to the world being overpopulation. He said population control must happen. He’s been working hard to see that mass vaccines be given to the entire world supposedly with a bio chip? For what exactly? Who would ever be stupid enough to allow this to be done to them?  I don’t believe all the accusations being made against him because I refuse to.  They are simply too diabolical.

No one on God’s earth has the right to demand you subject yourself to any type of so called medical procedure that introduces a foreign object into your body when you have no guarantee what the outcome will be.  I believe what is currently happening will go down in history as the most evil act of inhumanity ever perpetrated!  Especially in this age of supposed enlightenment and education. An age where we have mass technology of which many are abusing by deliberate manipulation & deletion of facts & truth from the people. Censoring other opinions as “hate speech” or “fake news” or whatever false label they choose to use which is not only morally wrong but illegal.

I guarantee their little “experiment in terror” will not work out as they had hoped for. There are just too many variables that they are simply not intelligent enough to have thought of in advance. Many of their past political stunts have been poorly executed & are now in the process of being exposed. Every time our Justice Department discovers a new treachery by the previous Obama Administration & the Intelligence Community at that time, something drastic happens to distract from their crimes.  Until now, it’s been mass shootings.  The same “Impeachment happy”group that has been trying desperately to undermine this country with lies, spying, colluding & other criminal behavior are the same ones now supporting destruction of America’s economy with continued shut downs.  Many said they would rather see a depression than have Trump’s plan to make America economically successful succeed.  If this is being done on purpose it is domestic terrorism & it’s a crime.

I do not believe the timing of this “plandemic” is accidental.  Especially since this is the most important presidential election we have ever had in America.  The people I believe are at least partially responsible for this outbreak & lockdown, destroying President Trump’s years of MAGA are the same global enemies that have been committing fraud all these years.  From the Russian collusion investigation (Fisagate) to the latest impeachment fraud.  The network news sources who are globally owned are accessories to this crime of staging the Democratic socialists years long coup.

When this truth finally is exposed, all involved will not stand a chance in hell. To endanger the lives of hundreds of millions of people on a global scale for the sole purpose of global control will NEVER be tolerated by anyone but the very feeble minded & frightened.  When will the power mongers get that the people will not be played like this?  Even fear of death won’t stop our fight for freedom.  History has shown that good people must die at the hands of evil ones to keep their very precious freedom.  We need to find the cure for evil, not this virus for that cure will prevent all bio-attacks against humanity from ever happening again.  The only cure I know is finding Jesus & following the commandment of loving your brother.

Give me my dangerous freedoms over your supposedly safe imprisonment any day!

Fleecing the American Sheep

I truly believe the short-lived “American way of life” is indeed over.

I believe the only reason we had this brief revival of patriotism towards our country is due mainly to the Roosevelt’s and their contributions to change the horrors done to the majority of the citizens, the working poor.  The ones that hold everything together and make a better world for all, yet seldom if ever got a chance to share in that “American Dream!”

I don’t even know if I will continue the charade of voting and not just because of the electoral colleges, which should have been against the law to begin with, but because of the poor excuses for candidates.

There is no longer a “lesser of two evils” as there once was.  Most of them stink on ice!  They pretend that there are two political parties, but there really isn’t.  One party wants to pass mandatory healthcare and with this came the loss of decent coverage for many.  I know this as someone who was trying to purchase individual coverage before Obamacare that carried a $260 monthly premium in 2012 that changed to $530 now for the same low-end coverage just 3 years later!

Another party has it in mind to virtually reverse what the Roosevelt’s did to help the working class poor by union busting, after talking some into thinking just how bad these much-needed unions are now that they reap all the rewards brought about by them.  They also want to stop our much-needed Social Security.  I can still remember good old G.W. trying to tell people how much better it would be to simply let the people keep this money themselves to invest it in their own retirement.  Almost as dangerous as giving a monkey a gun, but that’s a whole nother blog post!

If the Roosevelt’s thought that the people could handle making these investments, they never would have issued withholdings so they could be taken care of later in their older years (refuse to call them golden).  Most would love to keep all their money, more beer that week, more wife-beating and drunk driving, cause that’s just how some of the working poor roll.  I know.  I’ve lived amongst them my entire life.  They wouldn’t use that money to invest if their lives depended on it and it does!

Between the loss of jobs and people’s homes because of the predatory lending that the government allowed to happen and the liberal trade agreements that hurt the citizens, there is not a good scenario that I can imagine for this country.  Without a complete overhaul of all the very wealthy now running everything, into the ground I might add, we the sheeple don’t stand a chance.  This country is no longer for or by the people but by these wealthy individuals who owe lots of favors to the people and corporations who got them elected and pass all the laws in their favor instead of doing what is right for the good of the country.

We cannot sit by and allow ourselves and our way of life to be destroyed by a few greedy, wealthy individuals.  We are going to have to make our voices and choices heard and not just by demonstrations or angry emails to our representatives, but by our everyday actions.  Boycott those you know are behind these things and frequent the small businesses in your area to keep them in business, discouraging the monopoly that is coming in all areas of our way of life.  When I was involved in demonstrating years ago it made almost no difference because there were not enough people who cared or got involved.  Used to make me angry that either people didn’t have the brains to care or they thought someone else was going to do it.

If these governors and congress people looked out their windows and saw a sea of people against what they are trying to do, instead of just a handful they laugh off, then maybe something will finally get done in this country.

It takes a village for a lot of things.



What I Know is Wrong With America

Hard to know where to begin, but here goes:

There appears to be a deliberate hostility towards the working class.  The very poor, those that can’t or won’t help themselves seem to have many options available to help them, monetarily, healthcare, food, etc.  It’s the ones that wish to be independent but were not born into a good environment by either being born to alcoholic ragers, crack whores or just some average Joe with a little below average wits and intellect.  If your parents didn’t do very well because of impulsivity, bad judgment, substance abuse or just plain bad luck with an attitude to match, chances are you will go that same route.  There is a lot of hoopla that you can be anything you set your mind to and that’s simply not true, as many have found out.

This is hard enough to face without our own government being allowed to turn against us as well by encouraging businesses to employ people overseas just to save a couple bucks, meanwhile with fewer jobs available, there will be people that will end up in shelters, jails or graveyards cause most won’t live out on the street.  Unemployment does not last forever and the people in our government act like people are rude or out of line to even ask for it, even though it’s their faults that these citizens don’t have their jobs to begin with not to mention that fact that they make all wage employees pay into that system!  No one deserves this kind of treatment from their government.  While our country tries to build up false or exaggerated charges against other countries so they have the excuse to go to war with them, they are actually guilty of much the same or worse to us.  What country would come to the American citizens aid if needed?  I can’t picture this scenario.

Our politicians have allowed some of our jobs to disappear because they are no longer for the citizens of their own country, but for their “One World Order.”  People used to hear this very Sci-Fi term but it’s now in effect.  It’s not something they are going to make real noticeable at first, and most don’t realize how bad it’s become already.  They won’t realize it til they are one of the unemployed or asked to take cuts so the rich can stay that way.  “One World Order” is what you are seeing when foreign companies are allowed to bid for a job in America against the American citizens that work and live here.  Contract job bidding has been around for a while and not a fair way to do business because it forces Independent Contractors to work for less than deserved simply so they get the job over another company.  Jobs should be given because of the skill and quality of the work done, not how cheap they will work.  That not being bad enough, and with so many that have lost jobs, our government has now decided that people that have come to this country illegally, should be allowed to stay and their children should be given an education to boot!  What the f’?!

Some have commented that the Democrats in charge of the White House at this time are doing this deliberately because they know the poor and illegal will become Democrats and they are trying to get the extra votes.  I do know there would have to be some kind method to their madness or this wouldn’t be happening.

The Republicans have been actively trying to eradicate all unions.  I am pro-union because I have seen the good they have done in the past.  Many that are anti-union say they don’t like the control they have over the employees, politically and such and that they are useless drains on the working man’s paychecks with the union dues collected.  I do know that many union leaders earn a tremendous amount of money that proves they don’t have the employees best interest at heart either.

The bought and paid for liberal media is really wrong and very manipulative.  There is proof of bias in reporting as well as totally leaving out important news and facts about the stories they do report.

I’m also very curious why the couldn’t save the life of journalists that are doing much-needed reporting in our war zones, yet our President chose to release a number of dangerous terrorists for the life of one deserter.  What’s up with that?



Writing 101: Baby It’s Storming!

“Homes are a great investment.”

“And even if they don’t keep going up in value, I will at least be able to sell my home for what I paid for it with all the sweat equity and improvements.”

Those were the kinds of comments and thought behind the purchase of a home I made at the end of 2004, at what was to be the height of the mortgage movement, right before the meltdown.

After losing my job years ago, I have managed to hang on to this interest only ARM between other part-time jobs and unemployment.

I am now facing repayment of the principle in a home that been washed out in the eye of that mortgage storm.  It is now worth approximately half of what I now owe on both mortgages.  The mortgage “expert” did no money down because she could just mortgage this into my home payments, easy peasy my arse!

The new payments to come will be over $500. more a month and I can’t afford the current payments.  I have run out of all savings and almost all options at this time so I guess when it rains it really does “poor.”

What makes me angry is the fact that all this has happened through no fault of my own.  Since I purchased my home as a much older woman I as well as the banks knew that I would never be able to pay that home off in my lifetime since they had access to all my financial information.  I had planned on selling it a few years down the line for at least what I paid of it, no problem.  This was not to be since within a couple of years there was trouble in the mortgage industry and the value of my home was down about $10,000 or so.  I decided to try and keep it longer in hopes the value would soon rebound.  My bad!

I played by the rules, this was not what I wanted to happen but it has.  I think of a number of people I knew that deliberately walked away from their homes beside the fact that they still could afford the payments at the time.  Now they have everything so slanted to help the mortgage companies only and the hell with private citizens trying to survive.  This is killing me because I have an immaculate credit history and I am very anal retentive.  What makes me angry is they will harass and molest me and try to make me look like the bad guy, even though I have no choice or control in what has happened in my circumstances and they are the very ones that caused all these problems.

I have begun to get documentation together to sue my original mortgage company to at least take this predatory mortgage off my hands if I can do this pro-bono!  Wish me luck!

Too Much to Muse

I started this site with the fondest hopes of airing the concerns I have for our world.

I guess the main concern I should have is why years ago I had such passion to make a difference but now that I actually have the time to post my opinions, I don’t bother.

I want to think I am being lazy, which I am, or maybe I have become too apathetic to mankind’s many problems.  There are just too many to choose from each day.

I know he didn’t jinx me, but someone once told me that whenever you have the ability to do what you want to do, many times you no longer want to do it.  That it can actually become an effort to work on something you don’t actually have to work on.

I think back to when I was an air-headed, and blond at the time, teenager.  I was about as flaky as they come, sad to say.  I remember being very fickle about everything.  I never had any strong feelings about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  That may just be because I haven’t yet.

I still think that my problem is too many problems in the world.  I cannot decide what issues to even start with.

Constant wars, unemployment due to our government allowing corporations to contract and employ people in other countries, unfair wages, violence of all kinds which kind of ties into the never-ending war thing, lack of faith, too many acting on their every impulse and desire instead of taking the high road, genetic experiments from human to plant life, manufacturing things that are not needed or wanted by most that is causing severe pollution of the entire planet and gross depletion of our earth’s natural resources.

Some of these we can work on but may not have time to if some other issues are not resolved immediately.  If we don’t stop destruction of the earth itself, it will no longer be able to support any life on it.  I am very concerned about this fact due to most of the people in charge of everything are ignorant, greedy men only concerned with making money.  Any sign of wisdom would be banished from their domain.

Rich people should not be running the world.  Wise people should be.

Whatever Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger And More Nonsense

Yeah so looking for a job for about eight months and finally found one that lasted 3 training weeks.  I received a call at approximately 8:00pm last evening from the agency that I was working through stating that the company had decided to terminate my contract after today.  I worked until 6:30 that evening.  I was shocked and taken aback, since I am still being trained and other than being a little slower than my co-trainees and about 10 years or more their senior, I did not have any problems acclimating to my surroundings and the personalities of the two people who coached me, or so I thought.  That being said, I did need to take 1/2 day off on the previous Thursday for a very important Dr Appointment for an injury I received over the weekend.  This was something that I told them about in advance and they stated they were OK with it, but maybe not.  This also explains why my badge did not work when I came back from lunch to get back in the building.  The girl at the front desk gave me a number to call but no one was available and my manager was silent when I told her I was having trouble with my badge working.

I asked her what the reason was that I was being terminated when I had not even finished training, was following all procedures and doing quite well, I thought.  I was told that they did not have to give me a reason.  When you are terminated from a job where you got along with everyone, following procedures, etc, I told my contract agent that the only option that leaves to me is discrimination of some kind.  Either for something personal and petty or something serious such as working too slow and being too old.  I would not have minded, but now I will have to find out how this effects the emergency unemployment I was receiving that had ended.  So now, no income of any kind.  No wonder they wanted me to mail by badge and key to them.  Some people might be very hot-headed about this kind of thing.  I seriously believe everything happens for a reason, whether or not the reason is apparent for the time being.

This is an extremely busy call center and I understand that they want the fastest and best for their company, that is their prerogative who they choose to employ.  This is my second experience of being terminated.  My first time I was 19 or 20 years old, accused of spreading rumors that I had never heard of, very trumped-up total lies were used to get rid of me and some others for asking questions of why certain things were being done or not being done for some of the patients.  Nobody likes boat rockers.  Some others he fired at the same time sued for their jobs back and won, but quit soon afterwards.  In that instance, the guy that fired me was a real creep that ended up in prison for years for business fraud.  Talk about retribution!  He did some very underhanded things and was a very cruel man.  He punched out the camera man trying to film the story they were running about him!

I am intelligent and conscientious and good at whatever job I have been hired at.  Within a short time I am training new hires myself.  I told the agent, “Oh well, God’s will be done.”  What can I say in this?  I can’t defend myself, I don’t know the enemy and if they don’t have to say why they choose to let an employee go, they have the option to be as petty and unfair as they wish to be, though I am choosing to believe that I wasn’t what they needed to get the job done for that company.  I will keep trying to find a business or company that would appreciate my contribution and great work ethics.

So, needless to say, did not get much sleep last night, but hope to make up for it tonight.  I don’t drink, but last night would have been a perfect night to get loaded, lol!  This too shall pass, what ever does not kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller and other such sayings to make me feel better and to make anyone else feel better that has walked in my shoes.

To show the goodness of God working in my life.  One of my neighbors left some plants for me to transplant in my yard by my porch when I left for work that morning and when I came home approximately 7:00 pm, I had some phone messages.  One from my sister who was thrilled and thanking me for the cute picture I had framed up for her of some of the family when they were young and another from my neighbor to come over for treats she had made with love.  I came back home from visiting with her to find the message to call my agency regarding my termination.  So God is good and cushioned the fall with loved ones helping me and caring so I know that this is God’s will for me.  It probably would have been a bad fit.

Will Work 4 God’s People

I have been looking for work for about six months now and I had almost forgotten how obnoxious, unfair or just plain ridiculous some people and corporations can be.

I have been trying to take references regarding working “well” under pressure in stride.  “Working with a sense of urgency”, was part of NBD, NA Bank’s mission statement and after seeing one of my co-workers die of a heart attack at work, it just didn’t sit well with me.  I understand the idea of why people go into any business.  To make money and for most of us, the more the better.  When I began working for NBD, the man in human resources told some of us that we were now doing jobs that used to be done by three people.  We waited on customers, had quotas to sell their bank products such as charge cards, mortgages and other loan products that actually make the money for banks, but put some customers under too much debt load.  Then there were the referrals that we required to come up with regularly for investment products in which our prime target market were the retired folks with all their hard-earned money just sitting there, when it could be played with and risked by the bank to where the investor could lose everything, including the principal.  I guarantee, if there were not governmental disclosure rules, nobody would be warned of that fact.  Needless to say, I did not make these kinds of referrals and if I did because someone actually qualified and could benefit from the service, I made sure they knew the important drawbacks of investing.  We also balanced the ATM, the branch statement, our tills and opened a myriad of accounts.  Granted, no businesses should have anyone just sitting or standing around getting a paycheck.  That’s what CEO’s are for.

I have applied to furniture stores and been informed that I would be working for them in their store, for the hours and days they assign me, but that I was really an independent contractor because it was strictly commission.  I have a completely different definition of independence and contract, but that’s just me.  Everyone puts their spin on things to their own benefit.  Some furniture stores have strict rules on who can wait on what customer and the independent contractors must wait their turn.  If you didn’t make a sale on the last customer, you go to the end of the line and miss your next turn for a customer, which is complete nonsense.  If you missed a sale you need another customer and sale even faster.  This rule works for the store because they are trying to sell their products and would much rather have Mr or Mrs High-pressure get that next customer because there is a better chance of a sale.  I get it, the company is in it for themselves, they need to survive in a very competitive world.  Move on unless you really know you are up to that kind of challenge.

There are the timed tests, the mind numbing questions that I am really getting too old for.  Where do you see yourself in five-years?  Retired, seriously.  Most of the questions they ask potential candidates in interviews are designed for people just out of high school or maybe college.  They insult the intelligence and when I was young and innocent, I was so impressed by these same questions that now make me want to roll my eyes and run out the door.  Am I the one with the problem?  I used to think so, but I know it is not me.  It is not my fault that I have grown older, more cynical and disgusted with a society filled with companies that pretty much run the same and don’t think there is anything wrong with their cookie-cutter approach to hiring a potential employee.  There are so many more important things I could tell them about myself, things they really need to know.  Not to mention that the most important thing a company should do is a background check.  Not just for them, but for the safety of the other employees.  Falling back on some tired line of questions just to see the candidate’s response is not even rational.  “What can you tell me about a time that you saved the day for a customer?”  “If you could be any kind of butterfly, which kind would it be and what color and how much?”

The clincher came when I was applying for a merchandising job and they made it clear that you may be expected to drive to as many as ten stores in the span of eight hours and they did not reimburse for mileage and would this be a problem?  How would I know?  I don’t know what the route is or the mileage involved so I basically lied and stated that it would not be a problem.  I don’t know the rate of pay and what that actual pay would come to once you take vehicle expense, gas and the time it takes to drive to your stores into consideration.  As I stated, everyone wants to make money, but let’s be fair about it, especially when it comes to large corporations where the executives are making very large salaries to oversee taking advantage of those doing the actual work for the company.