Who is the Real Enemy?

Man has always tried to make the best of things.  The spirit most of us have is to never give up.  With that in mind, it has never been man’s spirit to encourage or allow evil to share their lives, unless they too were of that same evil mindset.  Either way, Jesus said it best about the dark not liking the light and vice versa.  This is why you are not supposed to be those that do not share your values and morals.  You may pull some up but more often, they will at least try to drag you down in their misery.

I believe this is why terrorists love to find the happiest places to shoot or blow up.  Weddings, parties and so on.  These are weak, empty vessels that allow themselves to be filled up by the devil himself and become full of jealousy and hatred.  Jealousy is a huge emotion seldom spoken of.  It is what was behind Cain murdering Abel.  This is why some cannot begin to understand the teachings of Christ to first love God, but to love their brother as themselves.  If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others.

I truly believe that any religions or cults that exist in our world that promote hatred and violence must be banned.  Once banned, they will have to creep back under the rock from which they first crawled from and they don’t need to be eradicated.

Unfortunately liberalism has helped to spread so much sin and horror in our modern world because liberalism does not seem to accept all, but appears to have an affinity towards sin.  They don’t just love the sinners, as Christianity does as it attempts to save and correct them, but appears to coddle and encourage bad behavior in the sinner.  This is loving sin and it shows the true spirit behind liberalism.

Just because there have been traditional practices throughout the ages, does not make them right or acceptable.  We all know better now.  We are well aware of freedom and something we call rights in America.  We all know what murder is and we all know what slavery is and that they are and always have been wrong.  This does not stop some people from committing these acts even today.  Some with a liberal spin on them of course

Any race, religion, color, creed or group that promotes any kind of harm or violence to others, regardless of age, sex or anything really, must be stopped now.  Liberalism appears to be going to extremes in the endless quest to be against anything that real or conservative people think.  So liberalism is a lot like rebellion against what has always been considered normal or acceptable.  The liberals forget that through the years civilized societies deemed certain things taboo for a reason and it won’t take long for any society to find that out as it spins further out of control.

Everything you have the urge to do is not natural and therefore should be acceptable as we see with women wishing to end their child’s life simply because it would complicate their own.  Neither is it acceptable for someone to end another’s life because they have judged them as a sinner or infidel as the terrorists do.  Both are murderers and both terrorists in my eyes.

Either all life is sacred or none is.Pray4France2

All murder is terrorism and must stop now.

Do you actually think about things or merely agree with whatever you hear?  Be the positive change we need in this world.


Paying It Forward

Today I paid it forward for the first time.  I say the first time because I liked it and I want to do it again, within reason.

I can’t really say why I did it or what needed to come together for me to finally just state, “I want to pay for these people’s order,” which was very small, just over $6.00.  Of course I am basically unemployed and about to lose my home, but still have a few dollars in the bank, so I really am po’.  But if I can afford to buy a couple of instant lottery tickets, I can afford to buy someone’s groceries, within reason.

I went up to the corner store to turn in my big lotto winnings of $5.00.  Kept $1.00 and asked for two more $2.00 tickets.  As I was purchasing them, there was a father with his young children that were placing things on the counter.  They did not speak English.  I don’t know if I was feeling overly emotional about what had just transpired the previous day in Boston, but I just had the urge to do it.  I felt so sorry for those boys uncle speaking to the news about the shame they brought.  I remembered a conversation that I had with a Middle Eastern gentleman, a customer, on the phone soon after 9/11.  He said that people were being very nasty towards him after the attacks, he being Muslim as well.  I recalled how my mother told me how some woman paid for her groceries a few days after my brother was almost murdered.  She didn’t know my mother, but this woman, heavy with child, told the cashier that she would pay for her groceries because she wanted to “pay it forward.”  She had no idea how this kindness would mean so much to my mother at this very dark time in her life. 

People should know, being people and all, that most of us are going through many trials and tribulations that we don’t want others to know about so they won’t feel sorry for us or treat us differently, but it would be nice if everyone thought of others more often, even if they can’t afford to pay for their groceries, maybe hold a door open, thank someone who is not expecting it or just see what you can do to make a difference for the better for someone. 

I couldn’t and wouldn’t begin to know what is in the mind of a killer of any kind.  Someone who wants to hurt others.  They must feel real bad about themselves but why?  We need to all be willing to kill each other’s inner demons with kindness.  Wouldn’t it be cool if someone was about to commit a deadly act and someone else diffused it with an act of kindness?  This is really how the world works, within reason.  Think about it.