Daily Prompt: Rhyming Time!

When I saw “Rhyme” as the prompt I said, “Why not, what the hell.”  I’ll never publish my book of poems as I had hoped so many years ago.  I have written poems/songs since my teens just for the fun of it.  I used to LOVE poetry.  I mean LOVE it when I was young.  Virtually all of my poems & songs rhyme.  I am not a fan of the verse that is “perverse” and does not.

I have written numerous poems a few years back after a very long break in which I studied other visual arts and dance.  So funny to me that I have notebooks full of my poetry and writing and I see others blog about this stuff but I don’t share mine, so far.  Here is one of my poems that I wrote in anger after one of my friends succumbed but before my sister found out she had advanced stage esophageal cancer.

Cancer is a bloody bitch and then you die.  Most of my family and friends have passed from this dangerous, insidious fuck up of the body, for lack of a better description.  It’s exactly what it is.  Your body fucks up and you hope for the best in remissions or treatment or just prepare yourself to say goodbye.

Cancer Kiss my Ass!!

Cancer kiss my ass!!

You sneaky sack of shit!!

You creep inside my body

and make a mess of it!

You take away my family

and friends that I hold dear.

Until there’s only one of me

awaiting you with fear.

I know about the car crash

the nutso with a gun,

But you just bide your time

until you take out everyone!

Bite me!!!

Po’ Girl Shines © 2014


God Bless!

Writing 101: Being Committed

That can be taken different ways but we won’t go there today.

I also won’t say that one of my favorite songs is “They’re Coming to Take me Away.”  It got lots of criticism for making fun of mental illness.  Well sorry, but I got to laugh to keep from crying!

Maybe all of you are like me in the respect that you have too many “favorite songs” to begin to pick out three.  Sometimes I will only listen to Christian music, sometimes I throw in Alice Cooper or Metallica.

I don’t know if I should be concerned about how much I started loving head banging music after I started menopause.  I hated heavy metal music most of my life.  My teen years were Beatles and Bob Dylan.  I might be going through my second childhood, but this time I’m a real punk and don’t have any parents to rebel against so time to rage against the establishment in general.

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