The April Fools’ Joke That Never Got To Be

Years ago the place where I was working sent an email to all the departments asking us to post the worst April Fools’ joke that we played or was played on us to a company wide website.

I really didn’t have one but decided to post a fake story to be funny that was really borderline risqué as well as I tried to make it obvious that I was so stupid about what happened that hopefully anyone would know this story was bogus.  Then what I planned to do was post an additional “April Fools'” to those that may have been fooled later in the day.

I never got to do that and was my face red!

Here’s a recreation of the fake April Fool’s story I posted so you can see why I needed to say “didn’t really happen folks!”:

A couple of years ago I had the best April Fools’ prank pulled on me by my husband and my best friend.  They love pulling pranks on me all the time and I can never tell what these two will cook up next!  I came home from work to find them both in bed together, lol!  And to make it really realistic they jumped out of bed without a stitch of clothing on shouting “April Fools’!  Those scamps!  A few months later that ex-best friend called to say she might be pregnant!  What a card!

 Hopefully you get the idea that I wanted people to think I was so stupid that when I caught my husband in bed with my best friend I believed their claim of an April Fools’ joke carried to an extreme.  Important to know that this scenario never happened to me but as I stated before, I planned to let everyone know the story was an April Fools’ gag from me to see who would think I was that naïve.

Then I receive an email to console me from some woman in another department I didn’t even know.  She was so sweet and concerned for me I felt like a rat for posting the joke and then didn’t want to make her feel bad that she couldn’t see through what I thought was an obviously tall tale.

I’m sure some of my co-workers still pity me today, lol!


Irony of a Smile

I was thinking about the irony of most people’s smiles.  I really believe that most people are a lot like me and smile especially when they don’t mean it.  Sort of laughing to keep from crying.  I believe that most are pretty unhappy in their lives and for so many good reasons.  Too many to mention at this time, but hence the non-stop commercials for antidepressants the last 10 or 15 years.

The irony of so many people’s smiles is that most use them to cover up the deep pain they live with day after day and that the more ignorant and negative among us don’t get it because they are too ignorant to realize that a fake smile does help to make one feel better.  Some think it is hypocrisy, but I believe it is a way to appear more civil and likable to others.

So what does the ignorant, negative one do?  They feel enraged inside at the very idea that someone may be happy or feel better about their lives than they do so they try to wipe that smile off another’s face.

That is the irony of most smiles.