Irony of a Smile

I was thinking about the irony of most people’s smiles.  I really believe that most people are a lot like me and smile especially when they don’t mean it.  Sort of laughing to keep from crying.  I believe that most are pretty unhappy in their lives and for so many good reasons.  Too many to mention at this time, but hence the non-stop commercials for antidepressants the last 10 or 15 years.

The irony of so many people’s smiles is that most use them to cover up the deep pain they live with day after day and that the more ignorant and negative among us don’t get it because they are too ignorant to realize that a fake smile does help to make one feel better.  Some think it is hypocrisy, but I believe it is a way to appear more civil and likable to others.

So what does the ignorant, negative one do?  They feel enraged inside at the very idea that someone may be happy or feel better about their lives than they do so they try to wipe that smile off another’s face.

That is the irony of most smiles.