Stop the Scams & Really Save the Planet

Enter the “pretty people” the “young people” the “diverse” and have them backed by the “globally owned” mainstream media & many will believe any stupid thing that comes out their mouth.

That’s because every newscast or program of “experts” are all speaking the same propaganda. They don’t give facts anymore & let you decide, they spout opinions & slant everything in a way to push their dangerous agendas.

The FCC is legally supposed to have prevented this kind of bias & it did til strangely about 10 or so years ago. The news stations became more global & ramped up lies, cover ups & propaganda to destabilize America just as is done in Europe.

Whether those responsible are stupid or just plain evil makes no difference to me. I am seeing countries & cultures of people being destroyed all over the place & I don’t like it. Doesn’t make me racist to say that a country has a right to it’s long standing culture, traditions & language. People have a right to live in their own country without living in fear. Makes me real.

I will be damned if I will have to hide the fact that I Love Jesus just because I will offend some hate filled radical ninny that has no business here in the first place or I have to worry about me or my family being attacked & murdered.

That’s about as stupid as me taking someone in off the street to help them & then they start telling me how I’m now going to start living.


The “white Christians” that have helped so many in our world are now getting their “hands bitten” because, ironically enough “evil white heathen elitist” have started a “White Supremacist” narrative for their “World Control Agenda.” In an attempt to “take out” their enemy Trump, they are in fact destroying themselves.

The fact that everything these fools say is so obviously false & hypocritical speaks volumes about those that are falling for it. Most that  buy into this BS are young anarchists with authority issues so I’m wondering what’s the excuse for folks my age?

These global elitists have failed to push their false agendas for the most part so now hope the children with impressionable, caring minds will fall for it.  Now many will cry passionately on TV to tell the rest of us if we don’t do what their opportunistic hypocritical sponsors tell us to do to save the planet, we are doomed in just a couple more years.

Unless these heathen plan on destroying it purposefully, as they have tried in the past with wars, chemicals, etc, that ain’t gonna happen. We are being pushed into more scams so that they & their partners in crime can get richer off all the “save the planet” schemes they’ve all cooked up. If you don’t believe me, watch & see.  The only real polluters in our world are the industries & the very rich.  The very people screaming the loudest for the poor to save the world from their actions.  This kind of obvious hypocrisy disgusts me.  We can all see what’s really going on if we actually “look” instead of just passively believing all we hear.

I never realized to what extent we were being manipulated all these years.  Now, they can’t fool me anymore.  That makes me a danger to them.  Anyone who can see that the “emperor is naked” is now their enemy.

Below is my first video created & uploaded to youtube 11 years ago.  It rings truer than ever.  The leaders keep distracting us all long the road to hell to their “global warming” agenda the means nothing in grand scheme of it all.  The reason I remarked about maybe our “warming” is simply the fires of hell reaching up higher all the time.  Wake up while there’s still time.

Is It The IRS Calling?!

This post is to provide some basic Internal Revenue Service information so that you don’t fall for some of the scams out there.

The IRS does make phone calls and it does send agents to businesses if you are behind in your taxes or have other unresolved tax issues.

They will not do this for any first attempts to contact you so if you ever hear from anyone by phone or email claiming to be from the IRS and you are fairly certain that you do not have IRS issues, don’t fall for it.

The recent scams sound official and from what I understand, they give people the same type of information that the IRS does.  They give a name, badge number and a case number.  The IRS gives this information out as well as a phone number for the taxpayer to call back if they are not comfortable speaking with this “stranger” on the phone.  It’s perfectly natural not to trust someone calling saying they’re from the IRS and the IRS does not know who they are speaking to until they request that you give them your personal information including your full social security number so that they may verify this with their information on file.  I urge all taxpayers not to give the person calling any information, especially a social security number, but instead take the number you are given by them and call the official number of the IRS, 800-829-1040, to verify it is legitimate before calling back!  If you are not given a phone number to call back or they are requesting payment information, hang up because you know its a scam.

It’s important to remember that the Internal Revenue Service’s first attempts to contact is by mail for most problems and it is very important to respond to that first notice so that your issue does not blow out of proportion and you accrue additional penalties and interest.

Though some IRS agents and field representatives will take payments, never give any payments or payment information to anyone collecting for the IRS.  The collection representatives will give you the information needed to send your payments depending on your state and how you wish to make them.  If you aren’t able to fully pay your liabilities, they will be able to establish some type of payment arrangement for you.  Please don’t establish one if you really are in dire straights financially and will only end up defaulting right away.

If you believe that you are in some kind of a hardship situation, let the IRS customer service rep know this so they can take the appropriate action.  They will need to collect some financial information from you so they can determine if you are currently uncollectible and all collection will be placed on temporary hold.

More information can be found on this and other IRS Collection issues in my book soon to be on




Things Are Not What They Appear

There are a lot of practicing criminals today.  I became aware of this during my years working for the Internal Revenue Service in enforcement and worked with so many individuals that had been scammed by various so-called professionals.  From the employees some had hired and trusted including their tax preparers, to the so-called tax attorneys that claimed they would resolve their IRS problems after they receive a very large fee, only to find out that their representative never called or resolved anything on their behalf.  This is why so many Tax Resolution commercials state a specific dollar amount of over $10,000 in arrears.  This way their fee, usually $2,000 or more, will not appear so steep as it would if you only owed a few thousand dollars.  There are many sports figures, politicians, CEO’s, perhaps your spouse and the list goes on and on, that have no reservations about committing crimes or doing things that are stupid, cruel or downright unethical, as long as they think they won’t get caught.

I have to say that I am deeply angry and disgusted with the ethics of most people.  Our society is reflecting a complete lack of a belief in God and the possibility of being damned to hell as most of us were taught years ago.  I think being raised in the Word was a good thing in many ways.  There are statistics showing that real Christians, not hypocrites that just go to church to put on a show and try to fool their neighbors and God, have very good ethics, are generous, honest and truly love one another.  Without this deep belief in Christ who died for our sins and the appreciation that goes with this knowledge, we are doomed as a people.  This is why it is written that Jesus was the Saviour of the world.  If everyone really loved Him and were grateful for His sacrifice, they could not do the things that they do to one another.  Jesus said if you love Him you will keep his commandment of loving one another and this includes your enemies.  If loving others came naturally or was easy, it would not have to be a commandment.  Jesus said “Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me.”  How many of the ignorant have hurt and even killed a homeless person?  How many TV producers make cruel jokes of those less fortunate everyday, and bring on the canned laughter?!  How many big businesses would not work their employees literally to death if they could get away with it?

I am amazed at the very simple and self-evident truth about how you treat others.  However you treat another, is what you think of yourself.  I don’t mean the phony kissing up to the boss and saying all the right things.  Everyone knows people like this.  They act one way in front of the door and behind that closed-door, when they think God ain’t watchin’, they act completely different.  Worry if you secretly hate others and try to get something for nothing, taking advantage of your brother, no matter what their station in life.  This is what you think of yourself.  This is how much you actually dislike, disrespect or maybe even hate your very existence.

People that are full of true love, really are different from those that don’t know how to love.  They have a true sense of purpose in everything that they do, no matter how menial it may seem to some.  They have an honesty and consideration that goes above just doing what they have to for the needed result.  They enjoy everything they do no matter how small.  These are people who don’t want the world and don’t make waves.  They are content to be.  These are the people who you see only occasionally that usually have a smile and look you in the eye with concern when you happen into their life.  They are not to be confused with the phonies, the insincere with the plastic smile on their lips, but not in their eyes.  This is the very reason that most relationships don’t work.  There are too many unrealistic expectations from others, yet they know they are unable or unwilling to come across with the same desired quality they are wanting from another.  This leads to a malcontent with anger issues.  The fact of anyone expecting or insisting on something from others is not reasonable and it is unkind.  In all probability the need is being met, but the selfish human mind doesn’t get it, doesn’t see it that way.

The grateful heart is one that does not expect things and does not get angry and irritated and try to get back at others by scamming and pulling stunts on others to feel superior and pretend to be the winner for a few minutes.   I think if more people loved the Lord and had a grateful heart, they would be loving themselves and seeing what they can do help others, not have urges to betray, take things that aren’t theirs and be less than they should be while they are here.