Daily Prompt: On the Precipice of Civil War

No coup d’etat in America.  We vote our leaders in.  If you don’t like who wins, leave the country but don’t try overthrowing anyone under false pretense.

So those who currently control our mainstream news sources are damned and determined to destroy America one way or the other.  Whether this is being done out of pure ignorance or deliberate evil that if they cannot control every situation they would rather see innocent people and cultures completely destroyed is anyone’s guess at this point.  I do know that none of this makes sense.  The only reason we are being pitted against one another is to decrease the population of the poor.

They are the biggest drain on the economy and the rich will never be effected in a civil war, or so they seem to think.  Nowadays all will be effected, especially with social media.

I am shocked that anyone falls for the idea of groups of people screaming for the rights for some while stomping on the rights of others that are more needy and deserving help.  It makes no sense for any government official to put the idea in our heads that bringing people over to live in our country that cannot speak the language and hate the culture will be able to survive, let alone be comfortable or allow others to live their lives, especially when they are not taking care of the needy within their own boarders first and in fact were guilty of letting needy and sick veterans die.  I find it completely ludicrous to see some scream and riot to give rights to a people that would put them to death they first chance they get.  It’s too perverse and wrong to be accidental.

Ever since President Trump began running for President there has been non-stop propaganda because the guilty knew if an honest man got into the position where previously corrupt career politicians stood, there would be hell to pay.  Their sins would soon be exposed and they have been frantically trying to prevent this by making him look bad, trying to get people to hate and harm both he and his family and trying to find the way to finally destroy him and get him out of office.  I do wonder how delusional any group has to be to believe they can get away with something like this.  Do they honestly think those who elected President Trump will just stand by and let this travesty to justice and the overthrow of this nation go unchallenged?  This is why we have a military, police and the Second amendment.

We owe it to these numbskulls to send them correspondence advising of such.  Try to impeach our elected president under false pretense, which is basically a Coup d ‘etat and see what happens.  We vote in our presidents in America, always have and up until the corrupt liberal left globalists, this was America.  Now they think they have the right and the power to take away our freedom, our Constitutional rights and our civil liberties.  Not going to happen.  Hell hath no fury as an American who has their way of life taken from them in their own country.

We The Sheeple Need to Topple the Steeple

This is not just a reference to the church, but to all establishment we are to bow to. 

Welcome to the future of employment in America. They are trying to get rid of all unions and businesses will work people to death for low wages. We need to demand that we be allowed to live in America again. To homestead, raise our own crops, work the land and stop being victimized by large corporations and banks. This is truly the beginning of the end for American citizens. Life has no purpose anymore.  All we are is chattel who are forced to sell our lives cheaply to make others rich and then be put upon as ultimate consumers and brainwashed into handing over our hard-earned pennies to others for things that we really don’t need or want.  What’s up with that?

No wonder everyone is losing it, depressed, drunk and disorderly. They are fed up with being worked to death for peanuts and being told every move to make both on the job and when they try to drive home. Everything needs a permit, someones permission. When will all of us get to be treated like adults? When we take our freedom back anyway we have to. When we try, we are arrested. That is not freedom.  But try we will because man has no choice when others force their hands.