Stop the Scams & Really Save the Planet

Enter the “pretty people” the “young people” the “diverse” and have them backed by the “globally owned” mainstream media & many will believe any stupid thing that comes out their mouth.

That’s because every newscast or program of “experts” are all speaking the same propaganda. They don’t give facts anymore & let you decide, they spout opinions & slant everything in a way to push their dangerous agendas.

The FCC is legally supposed to have prevented this kind of bias & it did til strangely about 10 or so years ago. The news stations became more global & ramped up lies, cover ups & propaganda to destabilize America just as is done in Europe.

Whether those responsible are stupid or just plain evil makes no difference to me. I am seeing countries & cultures of people being destroyed all over the place & I don’t like it. Doesn’t make me racist to say that a country has a right to it’s long standing culture, traditions & language. People have a right to live in their own country without living in fear. Makes me real.

I will be damned if I will have to hide the fact that I Love Jesus just because I will offend some hate filled radical ninny that has no business here in the first place or I have to worry about me or my family being attacked & murdered.

That’s about as stupid as me taking someone in off the street to help them & then they start telling me how I’m now going to start living.


The “white Christians” that have helped so many in our world are now getting their “hands bitten” because, ironically enough “evil white heathen elitist” have started a “White Supremacist” narrative for their “World Control Agenda.” In an attempt to “take out” their enemy Trump, they are in fact destroying themselves.

The fact that everything these fools say is so obviously false & hypocritical speaks volumes about those that are falling for it. Most that  buy into this BS are young anarchists with authority issues so I’m wondering what’s the excuse for folks my age?

These global elitists have failed to push their false agendas for the most part so now hope the children with impressionable, caring minds will fall for it.  Now many will cry passionately on TV to tell the rest of us if we don’t do what their opportunistic hypocritical sponsors tell us to do to save the planet, we are doomed in just a couple more years.

Unless these heathen plan on destroying it purposefully, as they have tried in the past with wars, chemicals, etc, that ain’t gonna happen. We are being pushed into more scams so that they & their partners in crime can get richer off all the “save the planet” schemes they’ve all cooked up. If you don’t believe me, watch & see.  The only real polluters in our world are the industries & the very rich.  The very people screaming the loudest for the poor to save the world from their actions.  This kind of obvious hypocrisy disgusts me.  We can all see what’s really going on if we actually “look” instead of just passively believing all we hear.

I never realized to what extent we were being manipulated all these years.  Now, they can’t fool me anymore.  That makes me a danger to them.  Anyone who can see that the “emperor is naked” is now their enemy.

Below is my first video created & uploaded to youtube 11 years ago.  It rings truer than ever.  The leaders keep distracting us all long the road to hell to their “global warming” agenda the means nothing in grand scheme of it all.  The reason I remarked about maybe our “warming” is simply the fires of hell reaching up higher all the time.  Wake up while there’s still time.

Too Much to Muse

I started this site with the fondest hopes of airing the concerns I have for our world.

I guess the main concern I should have is why years ago I had such passion to make a difference but now that I actually have the time to post my opinions, I don’t bother.

I want to think I am being lazy, which I am, or maybe I have become too apathetic to mankind’s many problems.  There are just too many to choose from each day.

I know he didn’t jinx me, but someone once told me that whenever you have the ability to do what you want to do, many times you no longer want to do it.  That it can actually become an effort to work on something you don’t actually have to work on.

I think back to when I was an air-headed, and blond at the time, teenager.  I was about as flaky as they come, sad to say.  I remember being very fickle about everything.  I never had any strong feelings about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  That may just be because I haven’t yet.

I still think that my problem is too many problems in the world.  I cannot decide what issues to even start with.

Constant wars, unemployment due to our government allowing corporations to contract and employ people in other countries, unfair wages, violence of all kinds which kind of ties into the never-ending war thing, lack of faith, too many acting on their every impulse and desire instead of taking the high road, genetic experiments from human to plant life, manufacturing things that are not needed or wanted by most that is causing severe pollution of the entire planet and gross depletion of our earth’s natural resources.

Some of these we can work on but may not have time to if some other issues are not resolved immediately.  If we don’t stop destruction of the earth itself, it will no longer be able to support any life on it.  I am very concerned about this fact due to most of the people in charge of everything are ignorant, greedy men only concerned with making money.  Any sign of wisdom would be banished from their domain.

Rich people should not be running the world.  Wise people should be.