Daily Prompt: There is None so Blind

As he/she that will not see.


The day when someone can “just say no” to cancer is the day that I will begin to think of drug addiction as the same thing.

The day it’s OK to do something just because you have an urge to do so instead of choosing to do the right thing is the day you give in to selfish narcissism.

The day you encourage others to sin because you do is the day you give your soul away.

The day when specific groups of people need to be being amended to the US Constitution to get “rights” is the day someone has to show me where the original US Constitution was written solely for white men.

The day that large corporations and banks get financially rescued by the government but not the citizens is the day I know that this government is no longer of the people, by the people or for the people.

The day that a man can freely walk into a woman’s restroom because he chooses to wear a dress is the day that women just lost some of their safety and privacy so someone could feel better about their perversion.

The day that there are even a small minority of adults in positions of authority who control our media that cannot see the difference between living your life in peace, freedom, safety and fairness or offending, harming, even murdering others is the day when that country will fall.

The day when those that murder our tiniest and most innocent of human life and then harvest their dead bodies for parts is fun for the whole family yet those that expose this atrocity are condemned, we need to look at those who are condemning them.

The day when our President thinks allowing anyone to come into our country by breaking our laws is the day I know a criminal is in office.

The day when right is wrong and good is bad is the day I know the Bible is 100% correct about everything, especially Jesus.  Luckily not everyone thinks this way.  Only those that walk in the dark.  The evil ones.

The day when the criminal is the good guy and lifted up and the police officer is the bad guy is the day I know the devil has possessed this nation.

The only way evil can exist is to allow it to do so.





Using Christ’s Name in Vain

I’m an ex-hippie chick though some might disagree about the ex part.

I was actually almost radical back in the day and was friends with a number of political prisoners.  I used to sit in their homes in the 1960’s helping them stuff envelopes with anti-war literature (Vietnam) as an occasional joint was passed around the table.  I did not smoke it, but probably got a little contact high.

Not friends with any of these people anymore, some that actually became friends with John Lennon and Yoko Ono a few years later, and some that were actually imprisoned for their various anti-war actions, I seldom think of this time in my life.

Finding this article with RT, jogged my menopausal memory.

A similar thing happened to me once with a mall cop and it wasn’t Paul Blart.  I spent much of my youth barefoot in the summer.  I wouldn’t dream of walking around like that now, but as a dancer, I already had great calluses on my feet so it was not at all uncomfortable for me to walk miles of sidewalk completely barefoot.

My sister and I had walked to the mall a couple of miles from our home and I went into the mall barefoot.  My sister being of sound mind at the time wore shoes.  One of the rent-a-pigs noticed I had bare feet and because of me all those freaking “No shoes, no shirt, no service” signs were born!

He came over and started yelling at me about what a disgraceful health hazard I was and my meek response to the unexpected tirade was “Jesus Christ!”  Said in a “what’s your problem” manner like he was as nuts as he obviously was.  At that time those no service signs did not exist so I was not technically breaking any laws.  He was irate that this was my response that came with a dirty look so he said, “Come along with me” taking me with a co-pig to his commanding officer, Sergeant Big-Pig.  When we got there he proceeded to speak “Pig Latin” which means lies.  He told his sergeant that I called him a “God damned son of a bitch” to which I said, “The hell I did, I just said Jesus Christ” because of the manner in which he spoke to me.  He called me a liar and repeated the lie again.  His boss told him to leave the room and he and I spoke for a few minutes.   Again I told him what was said to me by this man and how he said it and what I said.  My sister was outside and confirmed with him what had happened, to which he told me I could just leave and don’t worry about it.  He then asked “Porky” to come back in so he could speak to him.

Case closed!  But this is one of the many reasons I know the kind of personality that is attracted to these types of jobs.  Aggressive, angry, hostile, cocky, etc.  You would never use terms like “Loving, kind, generous, meek, etc. to describe a potential police officer.  I learned that cops lie or really misinterpret what is said or happening around them.  For this very reason it is imperative that all individuals wishing to become any type of gun carrying guard or police officer be thoroughly checked psychologically before allowing them to even get into cadet training.

Through the years I finally realized that “Jesus Christ” was not a phrase you use just because something is really stupid or unfair just because I heard it used that way growing up by other adults around me.  You use that phrase when you are actually speaking to Jesus in prayer, never vainly.  Sometimes in prayer His name is used vainly as Jesus told us that many will call it but few will make it because the road to righteousness is straight and narrow and most do not walk that walk.



What’s Really Ailing Detroit

Woke this morning to reports from Detroit about their police officers now working 12 hour shifts with pay cuts to “help the city.” Right there, wrong.

The fact that so many Federal, State and local governments are now balancing their budgets on the working man’s back is not acceptable. Anyone who thinks about this can see that none of our financial problems are the fault of the citizens and as such should not and cannot be solved by them. They are all the fault of the people in charge and running the various governmental agencies in these areas. They are the fault of their bad decisions and bookkeeping. They are the fault of their incompetence or downright corruption. If you worked for Kmart and your boss told you that you had to work mandatory overtime with no overtime pay and take a pay cut to boot because he made a bad financial decision that caused him to basically ruin his own company, would you do it? Some might depending on how badly they needed the work, any work, and how well the boss made his case. Would you do it because he was running low on cash trying to support his mistress and their love child as well as his family and he wasn’t able to buy that third home the wife was wanting?

I have grown more disgusted with Detroit Mayor Bing these days. He is doing anything to try and stop the appointment of an Emergency Manager for the City. Again, right there, wrong. Since when does one figurehead of a state or city have the ability to supersede the rights of the voters to elect who they want to represent them in offices in America? If the person or people in an office are incompetent or criminal, you have them investigated, relieved of duty as necessary and a hold a special election to fill the position. You do not appoint people to run things. To allow that is to open a whole new uglier can of worms and possibly more corruption. That is tyrannical governing and against our US Constitution. Of course, many things being done to our citizens are against our constitutional rights and here we sit with another cup of coffee and watching TV or scanning the internet for something banal we can blank our minds to. It’s very stressful to see all that writing on the wall.

Myfoxdetroit.com is running a story this morning about there being 32 people murdered in Detroit in the last 15 days, and counting.  This is not a city that you can afford to have overworked and underpaid police officers.  They are not the ones that broke the city budget but they are the ones that this city really needs to survive.  They don’t need many of the chiefs they have sitting around pushing pencils in so many of our Federal, state and local governmental offices.  I am not up on all the types of audits being conducted to prevent the types of financial problems so much of the country is suffering from all of a sudden.  I do know most of our problems began right after September 11th, 2001.  I do know that they coincide with President Clinton signing various trade agreements that did not work out for America’s best interest.  Did he know or care?  What was the problem that he did not realize there would be less Americans employed and with this comes less income tax, less money that they would be spending here and in turn helping other American businesses, less money withheld for social security and the snowball just keeps coming.

Police officers are very important in a world that no longer feels a need to use self-control.  In a world that feels “God is dead” so just live for today and get as high as you want so you can excuse anything you do.  Police officers are needed for the ones that never developed a conscience, don’t understand what eternity or hell is and think the “Golden Rule” is some kinda bling.  We are the hands and feet of God on this earth and we do need good men doing good works or none of us stand a chance.  The last thing a city needs to do is hobble and degrade the very people who make a positive difference in a city.  That protect and serve it.  Shame on you Mayor Bing.