A Place Called Hell

Anyone believe in hell anymore?

Anyone ever hear of the place?

There used to be a place called hell and you knew you didn’t want to go there after you died.  Like this place is not messed up enough without the worry of hell because you aren’t perfect.

Hell’s not for imperfection, it’s for evil and there’s a lot of that going around.

What’s really not fair to all of us is the fact those who are making our rules in America are no longer believers in the Word and some have been so beaten down and bullied by the liberal heathens, they are afraid to speak up and tell the truth, even if it costs them or their brother his very soul.

It sickens me to my very soul to see all of our network news sources that reach most of the people bought and paid for by the liberal heathens.  Jesus didn’t condemn others but told them to “sin no more.”  He never say “just enjoy the ride” or “do your own thing.”  He did say it would be easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get through the gates of heaven and I can understand why when I see what men do with money.

Men with money have power and they know it.  They can control anything and most of the people.  The one thing they have absolutely no power over is truth and reality.  They can brainwash others into saying and doing what they wish to be so, but this will never change the ramifications of various acts committed under their false doctrine of evil.

I realize now that it is not enough for believers to just live the word, advise and help those God places in our path.  We must be willing to “turn the tables” on those playing games, defiling God and harming those who are not able to see past the glory of all the well paid talking heads on their TV’s.  It has to do with the sin of omission.

To allow the morally blind to murder and commit abominations because they “want to do it” and other morally blind say they should be allowed to have the freedom to end up in hell is not really my business.  It is between them and God until they involve other innocent people on their roads to hell.  This is where it gets tricky because if someone is determined to go to hell, not much you can do, but if you don’t speak up when you can to say how wrong and against the rights of all the unborn and birthed children that are effected everyday by what our liberal society not only allows, but encourages, the blood is on your hands as well.

No one has the right to murder their own child just because another evil person tells them they do have that right.  Sex is natural but not for spectator sport, recreation or group participation, though many a heathen would disagree.  It is physically impossible for two of the same sex to even have sex in the first place.  Sex is for procreation only.  The fact that you enjoy it is a plus to continue the species.  We were never supposed to be enjoying perverted or fake sex and making babies in test tubes using stranger’s DNA simply because they are stupid enough or evil enough to donate it.  Is anything you want to do that harms others really worth it in the long run?  Since no one here gets out alive, you have to ask yourself if you know more than thousands of years of prophets and wise men about the hereafter.

Those that choose to do the selfish thing, the wrong thing, really have to ask themselves if it’s worth the risk that there might actually be a place called hell.  If you have any questions about this, please feel free to research findings of people’s last words that will greatly change your mind if you are a non-believer.


Dangerous Influences = Dangerous People

This is a letter I am sending to the Networks and others regarding the recent shooting in an elementary school in Connecticut.  I am sick of all the evil influences in this society and all the easy access to all kinds of weaponry.  We need some kind of controls on dangerous weapons, even though anyone up to something can get a gun from some criminal on the street, you still have to have some way of monitoring the need for stockpiling, etc.  This always comes up in mass shootings.  What seldom comes up is evil control.  The evil that is pumped into everyone’s home everyday in a box.  The evil that is in video games, in movies, etc.  The evil that most of you must like or they wouldn’t make it.  I hate it.  I am one of the few who don’t watch most things on TV or read most popular novels of the day.  They are offensive and have way to much graphic violence.  I am wary of people who are numb to this.  The ones that are not bothered by blood and carnage that would make a normal person sick to their stomach.  Who is making these freaks rich?  Not me, thank God.  The rest of you non-believers, shame on you!  This crap gives no glory to God and no help to His people!

To whom it may concern:

 I am writing this to tell you of my extreme displeasure of they way you sponsor and encourage murder and destruction of this civilized society.  I know you want to make a living, but brainwashing others to kill and mass murder is not an honorable profession and will no longer be tolerated.  I will make it my life’s mission to stop you and everyone that is in the same profession as you from continuing to destroy this society by causing the deaths of innocent people, including the children that were just murdered today by yet another angry sociopath. 

The proof I have that it is your fault is the fact that most people have had guns in their homes for decades and only in the last 20 – 30 years, since the glut of all the graphically violent TV programs and movies, have we seen such a rise of murders and mass murders.  Young people are especially impressionable.  There are many angry, empty vessels that see this graphic violence daily.  Just because you can create realistic corpses and other disgusting things, does not mean you should put people to work making them and incite the mentally ill to imitate what you create. 

People that are angry and mentally weak could easily fall victim to these constant suggestions.  There are virtually no morally decent programs on network television anymore and it is not for lack of audience.  People are stuck watching whatever you choose to broadcast.  Thankfully I am not one of them.  The few times I try to watch something I am offended at the disgusting comments that are even made in comedies.  One line was “I would kill a hobo to get laid.”  How the hell is killing a man to have sex funny to anyone?   Have any of you or any of your writers had a loved one murdered lately?  I would not think that you would think it was funny and how you cannot see that you are part of this problem, is beyond me.  You and your writers may as well have gone to that school and pulled the trigger yourself. 

I am also going to speak to congress, the news stations and even The President about this and try to get as many of my friends and family to join in to complain about the danger of your idea of entertainment.  This bad influence that you cause is going to stop now.  The only way people like you could even live with yourselves is to be on drugs.  This may be why you all use such bad judgment.

Guns don’t kill people, lack of faith kills people.  This country has no right to be allowed to take God’s words out of public buildings, but pump filth into every home.  This destroys our American way of life and causes so many lost, disturbed people.  That and the fact that most decent parents have to work all the time to survive and don’t have enough time to really parent their children or to see if there is anything wrong with them.  The parents that get high, can’t hold a job(sitting in front of the TV) and abuse their children are another big problem in creating angry, mentally ill children.  We have to support each other with positive influence and have ways to help those that need it before it is too late for any of us.  The schools are the main way to find out who these problematic students and parents are before tragedies happen. 

So, what to do about bad parenting and bad influences.  There is a lot of work to be done.