Never Give Up, God Needs You


Most of us have thought about it, maybe even tried it ourselves or know someone who actually succeeded.  Don’t be blindsided by the enemy or those who try to glamorize it in prose.   Everyone gets tired.

I had a weird thought as someone who believes in heaven and hell.  I really don’t want to believe that God damns anyone in so much pain that they can’t go on anymore.  He gave us all a way to go on whether we like it or not and that’s just a fact that no one can deny that recognizes the truth.

And that truth is Jesus is the only way to eternal life.  And the only way in this material world that we can fight the devil down with His everlasting Power of Love.

When you feel weak, humble yourself to God and ask for the help you need to fight your earthly battles.  It will be given unto you.  Is it not easy, but you can do it, you know you can because you are the best thing that this world has ever seen.  You are the only you there is and ever will be.  Do it for God and for the world while you are blessed to be here for the short time we are afforded.  Dare to be a hero and continue on in faith.  No matter who or what comes against you.  Christ has you covered in His blood.

Daily Prompt: Instinct or Wisdom?

Humans are another form of animal life on this planet.  The deadliest form and yet many of us appear to lack the basic instinct to get along with our fellow-man.  When I was younger I was fascinated with ESP and studied it due to my own random psychic powers.  I began wondering if this was really ESP or just the same normal animal instinct given all the species and what is “instinct” really?

It’s that innate ability to know what you need to know to survive and yes it does seem a little “extra-sensory” if you don’t acknowledge that all animals possess this skill and we are indeed animals.  There is a fabulous book out called “The Gift of Fear And Other Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence” by Gavin De Becker.  The obvious problem with man is that there are just too many distractions as well as bad advice from so-called “experts” that are allowed to voice this bad advice to others on a wide scale.  This is another way that liberals have destroyed our society and made everyone much less safe by making you second guess yourself.  Don’t ever do that.  According to pop-culture suggestions, we are supposed to ignore our own personal prejudices or feelings and just dive into bad situations head first so we don’t look like a hater.  Sometimes you need to hate or at least be suspicious.

Don’t misunderstand.  There is never an excuse for being mean or unfair to any other human being whether you agree with them or not.  Unless they are endangering you or your loved ones.  Even those that threaten your way of life with promoting their way of life is not imminent danger and not grounds to overreact with violence on your part, as you hear of some doing.  It’s not prejudice to be afraid of a group of young men that you don’t know, black or white, that suddenly approach you no matter what your color, but if you go according to some, you are a bad person if you feel this way if they are a different race than you.  The fact is anyone that approaches you no matter their sex, nationality or age should concern you right off, depending on where you are and the situation.  Even those offering you much needed assistance.

Most people are not that friendly or generous unless they want something in return although you know there are those rare exceptions and we call them heroes.  Those that would risk their own lives to help others without anything in return.  Most people kind of suck when it comes to getting involved and many that pretend to help have ulterior motives.  Sometimes you can feel it, that something’s not right and if you lack this discerning instinct it just might cost you your life.

Daily Prompt: The Contrasting World We Live In

If you wish to see striking contrast, look around you or turn on the news.  Everyday in every way in all aspects of the world, especially with us humans.

Saints and sinners.

Heroes and villains.

Love and hate.

Peace and war.

Most of us are in between somewhere.  I think that most of us are good most of the time but some really go all out to do what is right, no matter what the risk is to themselves.  Some are only good when someone is watching, but they don’t count, lol.

The contrast are those that go out of their way, expend energy, to harm or destroy others, to be the lowest they can be and for some reason this is OK with their psyche.  They risk their life not to be a hero or to help save a life but to end it or ruin something or someone.  Really makes you think doesn’t it?

They used to say “There but for the Grace of God, go I” to try and make people less likely to hate and judge others that don’t do the right thing as most do and really it is a pretty accurate statement aside from the fact of wondering why this is so.

This is why I find the blind stupidity of evil intolerable.  You can see it, all can see it, yet instead of being someone who heals and helps they harm.  The way you treat others is the way you feel about yourself.  Since we are all worth loving there is no good reason for it.

Please pray for peace in our world.

John14 27 GIF


Monsters Are Real


When you watch a horror movie about monsters or psycho killers, they all have one thing in common that is supposed to bring fear to your heart.

These “things” will stop at nothing!  Is that a character flaw?  That alone, no.  The reason they don’t stop is they are focused on one thing.  Obsessed, if you will, single-minded to get what they want.  Problem with scary movies is they usually want to harm or kill someone.  Usually it’s some innocent person that doesn’t even know the perpetrator of this evil.  Never met them, never wants to meet them and hopes it will crawl back into hell from whence it came!

Complete and utter lack of compassion and empathy is shared by all.  I guess that’s why I have no sympathy for murderers of any kind.  I don’t compare those that have had to kill in self-defense or for the good of all as murderers or even killers.  They did what they had to do against what their personal beliefs were for the good of mankind or to save themselves from someone who didn’t give them a choice in the matter.  That is very different from having the heart of a monster.  In fact many of those people are heroes.

The real monsters are many now because most don’t believe in God.  That belief alone says you have no faith.  Faithless people are capable of anything and it’s not likely it will be anything positive.  They are empty vessels and all vessels will be filled with something whether they know it or not.  Jesus spoke of this when he referred to the body as the house and it was well swept after an exorcism but must be filled in a way as to not invite more evil spirits.  He also made reference to serving.  Everything a man does reflects his true heart and who he serves.  Who do you serve?

All God’s children fill their vessels with love and they share this love in all that they do.

My mother lied to me as a child when she told me there was no such thing as monsters.  Every time we listen to the latest horror fest on the news, we know for certain that monsters really do exist.  But much like the monsters in the movies, they never win.




Hellywood, Get Over Yourself!

Can there be enough award shows?

Instead of the real heroes of this world getting awards, the ones with the fake bodies and faces that do fake things for tons of money keep slapping themselves and one another on the back for nothing.  So they can memorize a few lines and do it with feeling.  Who cares and why?  Since when did this become so almighty important?


“What do you want, a medal or a chest to pin it on?

How about honoring the bridge builder, the waiter or the guy digging ditches or building cars year after year with a couple of weeks off annually for good behavior.  Occasionally we honor war heroes, but many are never remembered until years later or after their death.

Those in hellywood & helevision do risk the occasional arm break from patting themselves on the back.

Beware the Angry


The perpetual unhappy ones for those are the ones that lack the ability to appreciate their blessings.

The ones that complain about everything and look for any slight instead of seeing what is bright.

Anyone in this state is in danger of losing their very souls.

You may be acquainted with people like this or you might notice people that seem to have it all, but disregard and defile all the blessings they are given.

At the very least they bring others down and instead of being a light for them.  They seem to destroy everything in their path.

Keeping Faith and trying to see the bright side of things takes an effort.  It’s not something that comes naturally to most.

Every time you fail to acknowledge just how blessed you really are, you let yourself down as well as miss any opportunity to be a blessing to someone else.

We must have people of Faith and they need our help as well.  A few good, righteous people cannot hold the rest of the world together as you may notice by the state of this world.

Dare to be a hero for anyone, even yourself.

Proud To Be An American

Proud to live in America.  When I was young my father wrote some kind of patriotic song that I thought was pretty corny at the time.  It was during the Vietnam war era.  “I’m going to walk across this land, shaking every, everybody’s hand.  Cause I’m proud to be an American, proud to live in America.”  Part of the chorus.  I’m an all American mutt of many nationalities with most of my family coming over from Canada in the last couple generations, so my family line has not been here all that long, other than my supposed Native American line.  In my many years in this country I have seen tremendous changes.  Unfortunately most are not for the good.   The changes in our people are disturbing.

Too many Americans have become spiritually as well as physically weak.  Most people do not know the meaning of the word discipline for themselves or for their children.  “If it feels good, do it” was one of the most lame brained and selfish sayings I have ever heard.  Does anyone in America have a deep thought anymore?  We live in an unhealthy, unrealistically fast paced society.  None of us are ever made to feel valued anymore.  We must learn to slow down and value ourselves and others before it is too late to change.  Before the “man” gets too used to using us up til there is nothing left of us mentally, spiritually or physically.  We must do this before we are too afraid to live according to the very Constitution that allows “Life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.”  This is not just for the rich, don’t let them fool you.

I believe that most of us just go through the motions, trying to fill the great void we feel inside.  The void that we try to fill with over indulgence in food, drugs and loveless sex.  Breaking every commandment in the Book.  How strange.  How sad.  Are we really so ignorant and arrogant that we cannot bow before God and ask for anything real?  Forgiveness, strength, love.  The family has all but disappeared due to man’s lack of self-respect and self-control.  Just because big  business does not value us and we don’t have much control in most work situations is not a reason to tune out or lash out irrationally, like road rage.  It is a reason to try to change things for the better.  If you feel it’s broke, fix it, don’t run from in by getting high or trying some other way to block it out.

When young girls don’t respect themselves and don’t know their self-worth, many become unwed mothers in an attempt to have some kind of love in their lives.  They deserve love and security, but where will they find it?  Many don’t come from intact families themselves.  When young men don’t respect themselves and know their true worth, they act like fearful dogs.  Fighting and running around sniffing tail, thinking this makes them a man.  If you love and respect God you cannot help but respect yourself and others.  There can be no other way.  It is hard and takes discipline, which takes personal sacrifice.  In our attempt to be humane and accept the shortcomings of others, we have allowed them to stop trying.  We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and try to be so “politically correct” that we end up with their blood on our hands.  Many of us are trying so hard to pretend to tolerate behavior and lifestyles that have no place in a civilized, educated society.  No one wants to be the one to say the emperor has no clothes on.

I see so many young girls selling themselves out so cheaply in life and thinking that the most important thing in life is to shake your fanny and end up with another child that they will struggle to raise.  Different fathers and still no love or security for them or their children.  Where is God in their life?  What will our future generations ever hope to be without faith?  More drugs, promiscuity and self-defeating behavior, all media encouraged.  When I think that this is my America I feel disgusted and more than a little scared.  I realize that not everyone lives like this, but too many do.  How can we hope to have a strong country when so many just don’t get it or just don’t care?

The terrorist attacks on Tuesday, September 11, 2001 merely added to the destruction of our nation.   These acts confirm to all that pure evil really does exist.  Violence and evil go hand & hand, much like stupidity & evil.  The thing that knocks you off-center about this is the unpredictability of it all.  What do you hear news people saying after an attack of any kind?  “Why did this happen” or “How could this have been prevented?”  We have to try to immediately put some kind of reigns or control on the terror.  We pretend to ourselves that once an answer is realized, we will be able to prevent this from happening again.  As mortals we are all very vulnerable and it’s much too disturbing to admit that there are situations that are hard to predict and control.  Many Americans have been lulled into a false sense of security.  We’ve been brainwashed into wanting to hold the world’s hand and share a Coke, as long as that Coke is not over 16 ozs in some places.  We don’t want to face reality that some of the world would just as soon smash that Coke bottle over a counter top and shove the jagged glass in our guts.  We have to stop being so naive.  The main reason that we were encouraged to accept world diversity is so the rich could get richer in this country.  It is all about high finance and always has been.

Sometimes hardships and tragedies strengthen people, but too many people in this country have become spoiled, lazy and selfish.  Even those of us who are not, have lived and worked in stressed out conditions for too long.  Since our nation’s tragedy years ago, I have seen more road rage and tempers flaring.  People now have more stress then they can handle with so many feeling the pain of joblessness or downsizing.  This is now the time to be a little nicer to your brother who may be having a worse day then you.  A little kindness goes a long way.  Have patience with one another and try to understand where someone else is coming from.  They may really be suffering or they may just be the dip-stick you think they are.  Either way, shouldn’t you show a little compassion?  That could be you!

The one thing that I do know is that while evil may exist, so does good.  So does God.  But we must stop turning our backs on Him.  Trying to find another, easier way out.  If you think that we can fight evil with mere military strength, think again.  There is so much wisdom in the Bible, if only people would read it.  Faith really can move mountains.  Miracles do happen.  Man has become greedy.  They do not appreciate that every birth is a miracle and what do we do to our people?  Enslave, discard, murder, abuse and on a good day, take each other for granted.  It is always taken for granted that the sun will rise each morning to usher in another day.  That birds will sing.  That everything God has created has a place and a purpose under heaven that has gone on for many years and will continue, hopefully, in spite of man.

Man is the only one of God’s creatures that has managed to mire his existence with technology and the pollution that comes with it.  Man and his ego.  Man and his toys.  Good people forget that evil has no reason, no purpose, no motives other than for evil’s sake.  Our nation was based on “In God We Trust.”  Some trust the money it is written on more.  We must love God and ourselves and one another.  Respect everyone, whether you agree with them or not.  Help anyone that you can.  If it lifts up, it is God.  If it tears down, it is evil.  These are not hard concepts.  Quiet your spirit and God is there, He was always there.  You allowed yourself to become too busy trying to fill a void that never existed in the first place.  May God bless and keep all of the planet and deliver His people from evil.

May God especially bless all the heroes in our world that have given themselves, even their very lives, to help those that were and are in need.  Thank you for making this world a better place for your being here, however long that is or was.  I’m reminded of the words in an Emily Dickinson poem, “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.  If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help one fainting robin, unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.”