The Meaning of Life

I still have the first wall art purchased for my first apartment.

I still have the first wall art purchased for my first apartment.

If you blog you probably are someone who has enough introspect to wonder why you are here.  Why any of us are here.

I would contemplate that I was here to one day make some huge difference in the world like Mother Theresa or Gandhi.  I used to think that people who really cared ran away from the 9 to 5 and went overseas to do mission work or something equally as dramatic.

I now realize that this is not for everyone and that usually good people are needed right where they are.  In the first place you would need to speak the language of any foreign nation you go to or you wouldn’t be able to ask them where the rest room was, let alone communicate anything important to them.  If everyone up and left for another land, who would minister to all the needy in their own town?

As an ex-workaholic, I have ministered to co-workers as well as some of my customers.  Even when I worked for “the man!”  I actually had one woman look me up later to thank me for taking the time to speak to her as a person, spiritually, that went beyond just helping her resolve the financial problems she was struggling with at the time.

It’s the idea of blooming where you’re planted.  That God will place you where He needs you.  He will put certain people in your path to help or be helped.  People talk about making the most of the day and giving til it hurts but I don’t really agree.  You are not supposed to make your life any more complicated than it already is and you are certainly not supposed to be hard on yourself about anything.  You have the world for that.

All you can do is the best you can and that should never be a strain.  I’m not saying you won’t be called to strain on occasion and only you know when and if the spirit will move you to make some type of great sacrifice.  I know that you should never feel guilty for being who you are and where you are.  God knows your life and what you are capable of.  Life is not a contest.  It’s life and it’s unpredictable and offers no guarantees of any kind.  Even Jesus told people not to worry about tomorrow or what they will eat or drink.

I believe as long as you walk in the word and appreciate your blessings God will provide for you in the same manner that you provide for those God has given you.

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Chasing Our Tails

One of the problems I see with the leaders of not just America, but the world, is the way they keep us all “chasing our tails” so to speak.  We are all expected to work so many hours a week that we will never get back just for the privilege to get enough money to pay all the bills our society has conveniently established for our very existence.  The rest of our hard-earned money is given away due to the constant brainwashing that we can’t live without their needless crap.

The problem I have with this is the fact that the world is in such real, desperate need in so many ways but most of our jobs are established to keep the folks on Wall Street busy and wealthy and the rest of us busy and poor; instead of allowing us to make better use of our time feeding the poor and really getting to know others hopefully with the goal of finally putting an end to warPeace does not bring profit at this time but war does.  This has to change.  Most of our jobs are false busy work giving the illusion of purpose.  We all do have a purpose but it eludes most of us.  We are not allowed to help others; in fact helping another harms the bottom line of most, if not all, businesses.

This disturbs me since most companies are needless and pointless.  Most of our businesses manufacture things that most of us don’t want or need and we then pay others, such as advertisers and salespeople, to try and convince us that we need it desperately.  Pathetic really.  That’s why most of the stuff we buy is shoved aside for other newer or different stuff and we don’t miss the old stuff a bit.  With the world and it’s people in the state that it is in, it is a sin to expect our world economy to be based on consumerism.

Instead our world leaders need to establish a culture and society that thrives on altruism and peace as soon as possible.