Discover Challenge: The Things We Leave Behind

Whether you realize it or not, you can haunt a house while you are still alive.

There are some who believe in ghosts and some say hauntings are just evil spirits mimicking the dearly departed to cause problems and anguish.

There are those that believe strong emotions leave behind psychic imprints long after incidents have occurred and cause these so called “hauntings.”

If you have ever been around those with bad tempers or those with divine kindness you know there are indeed “vibes” that come from most one way or the other. Most of us are fairly spiritually weak and others vibes, or energy, does not appear to effect us one way or the other or so we think. Others are highly sensitive and can be very offended and even traumatized by just being near someone else’s “disturbed” spirit or bad mood. Prayer works wonders in balancing and calming the spirit and attracting that which is good in the world.  That which is Godly.

Being constantly upset and angry does the opposite and some believe brings other bad things. Jesus spoke of the “house well swept” after exorcism and advised that your temple needs to be filled with the Word of God so you make yourself inviting to that which is pure, holy and peaceful with the positive energy of prayer.  Dwell on good things constantly. Philippians 4:4-9.

God bless us, everyone.

Philippians 4 4 9 edged

Irony of a Smile

I was thinking about the irony of most people’s smiles.  I really believe that most people are a lot like me and smile especially when they don’t mean it.  Sort of laughing to keep from crying.  I believe that most are pretty unhappy in their lives and for so many good reasons.  Too many to mention at this time, but hence the non-stop commercials for antidepressants the last 10 or 15 years.

The irony of so many people’s smiles is that most use them to cover up the deep pain they live with day after day and that the more ignorant and negative among us don’t get it because they are too ignorant to realize that a fake smile does help to make one feel better.  Some think it is hypocrisy, but I believe it is a way to appear more civil and likable to others.

So what does the ignorant, negative one do?  They feel enraged inside at the very idea that someone may be happy or feel better about their lives than they do so they try to wipe that smile off another’s face.

That is the irony of most smiles.


Filling Our Voids

Why does emptiness seem to be the human condition?  Why are we born so needy and so hard to satisfy?

Why do most never seem to achieve happiness in anything they do or in their relationships?

I would say this is a sign of some deficiency or mental condition except that it is far too common and I believe man has always been this way.

Most try to fill their voids with romantic love or sex, food, drugs, excitement or whatever they desire to feel good for the moment.  It appears no matter how much we are educated to the facts of just how dangerous our addictions and habits are, we refuse to stop always searching for our nirvana.

I just find it odd that we are created so differently from how we were obviously meant to live.  Is our civilization so perverse from the actual nature of man because the people in charge demand our lives to perform difficult, sometimes meaningless tasks, for their benefit and personal gain or are we all missing the point of the meaning of life?

The fact that we are not here for our personal desires, but to be used as the tools we are to help others and to serve our short purpose for the good of all and glory of God, not for the personal gain of any man.