Monsters Are Real


When you watch a horror movie about monsters or psycho killers, they all have one thing in common that is supposed to bring fear to your heart.

These “things” will stop at nothing!  Is that a character flaw?  That alone, no.  The reason they don’t stop is they are focused on one thing.  Obsessed, if you will, single-minded to get what they want.  Problem with scary movies is they usually want to harm or kill someone.  Usually it’s some innocent person that doesn’t even know the perpetrator of this evil.  Never met them, never wants to meet them and hopes it will crawl back into hell from whence it came!

Complete and utter lack of compassion and empathy is shared by all.  I guess that’s why I have no sympathy for murderers of any kind.  I don’t compare those that have had to kill in self-defense or for the good of all as murderers or even killers.  They did what they had to do against what their personal beliefs were for the good of mankind or to save themselves from someone who didn’t give them a choice in the matter.  That is very different from having the heart of a monster.  In fact many of those people are heroes.

The real monsters are many now because most don’t believe in God.  That belief alone says you have no faith.  Faithless people are capable of anything and it’s not likely it will be anything positive.  They are empty vessels and all vessels will be filled with something whether they know it or not.  Jesus spoke of this when he referred to the body as the house and it was well swept after an exorcism but must be filled in a way as to not invite more evil spirits.  He also made reference to serving.  Everything a man does reflects his true heart and who he serves.  Who do you serve?

All God’s children fill their vessels with love and they share this love in all that they do.

My mother lied to me as a child when she told me there was no such thing as monsters.  Every time we listen to the latest horror fest on the news, we know for certain that monsters really do exist.  But much like the monsters in the movies, they never win.




Musings of Autumn And The Trees of Life

This morning I was brought to tears by trying to imagine what it felt like to be a tree.  A northern tree of course.  Not a tree about to be destroyed by some land developer, but just your average garden variety tree, pun intended.

It began when I started reading the weather report and thinking about the grand design of God, or nature as some believe, that keeps this world turning.  I was thinking about how wonderful it is that when the leaves are to fall off before the impending ice and snow come, there is always a lot of wind to help loosen those leaves from their little sockets.  Then I started thinking how the life of these trees cycle about the same way year after year, much like most of the life on this planet.

Do the trees have any sensation of temperature changes?  They obviously do have something inside them that responds to it.  I started wondering if they knew it was time to lose the leaves that they so painstakingly developed through the spring and summer.  I wondered if they felt a sense of loss of those leaves that were once a part of them or if they go through the changes completely unaware.  I thought about how it must feel once those leaves have all dropped and to have to withstand months of chilling cold, wind and ice.  Do they look forward to the spring somewhere in the recesses of their very pith?  I thought about how humans bemoan things in their lives, many of them avoidable or brought on by themselves.  Then I thought of the trees who are root bound, literally, in the same area of the same life year after year because that is their lot.  That is the way they were created.  To be shade and protection for the earth and for the other living creatures of the earth.  To give of themselves to be a home or a boat or a shelving unit in someone’s home.  Not to have any say in their existence, but to be at the mercy of other living creatures that are supposed to be able to know more and feel more than they supposedly do.

I wonder what we would think if we found out that trees really do have their own minds, in their own way.  I don’t think that most would care anymore then they now care about one another.

I began to wonder things like this at an early age because I was taught by certain family members to imagine what it felt like to be another person and I sometimes carry this to an extreme.  I was taught this so that I could learn compassion and empathy, something most of the world sorely lacks.  They lack this because they are not being taught correctly.  They are not being raised in the Word.  If I ever wanted to be mean or not like someone, I would think back to what I was asked when I was young and I was behaving in a selfish manner.  “What if that person was you?”  “Would you want someone to do this to you?”  Not if it’s cruel or negative in any way.  There is no one who likes to be hurt, likes to be lied to, likes to be mistreated in any way yet look at how many people do these things to others.  Why?  Life is hard enough and we are here to help one another, not be a hinderance.  Not see what we can get from someone and never give back in return.  We all relate to one another, all life does and you cannot have one-sided relationships of any kind that last.