Daily Prompt: Sick of Being Angry

Anyone else with me?

I have spent more of my time angry since starting menopause at roughly 50 years of age, than all of my first fifty years combined.  When my hormones conked out, I became horribly irritable.  Thankfully I was already divorced by then or who knows what may have transpired!

Today I had to delete a rant I made on a Facebook post from WXYZ-TV channel 7.  They just confirmed a body found was that of 13-year-old Deontae Mitchell who was seen being kidnapped by a man, whom they have since arrested.  The kidnapping was reportedly committed on Tuesday night, May 31st and an amber alert was issued by at least the following day, Wednesday.  Now another child in Detroit is dead at the hands of some monster.  I am starting to realize why all the other animal kingdom fears human animals so much.  We are horrible creatures!

Without proper training we are dangerous and unstoppable except by deadly force just like any other wild, willful animal.  This is not the way it was meant to be.  Hence something called religious training.  Most, if not all cultures have a base belief in a God.  Most believe you will be punished by this God if you defy His word and defile His world.  This is what I was taught and I believe this to be the truth because it makes perfect sense.  The lies are that no such God exists so go ahead, if you’re feeling lucky, and do whatever strikes your fancy for the moment.  This is where liberal ideology will eventually destroy everything in its path.

All civilizations that have stood the test of time have had strict taboos on many things and rightly so.  I have watched our society in America slowly disintegrate by allowing small groups of people to go against society’s accepted norms in various ways from promiscuity to rampant use of drugs and alcohol.  Every time a group is allowed to stray and “do their own thing” instead of the right thing, their society as a whole weakens.  Do some of these people honestly think the rest of us are acting on our every impulse?  That we are living our dreams and doing our own thing?  No we are taking care of them and others by sacrifice and doing the right thing just like some of our parents did by getting to bed early so they could put in a long day’s work the next day instead of sneaking out to see a secret lover or get so high they couldn’t even make it into work the next day.

Women who cared made sure they were married to a stable, sober man before having unprotected sex and bringing some poor child into the already cold, cruel world.  Now it’s more important to be “turned on” or “thrilled” because that’s living your dream and our liberal media is being sure to let us know that this is the most important thing in life.  Thankfully there are modern folks still being raised by good, loving parents old school that realize the personal satisfaction of a job well done in all aspects of a well lived life.

There are sayings about regrets at the end of your life for things you didn’t try.  Unfortunately there are more regrets by those that tried things they shouldn’t have.  Don’t believe everything you hear.


Watered Down Stories and Cynicism

Life is not fair. No one ever discusses one of the main discrepancies of our lives that goes beyond race, religion and economics.  They never get to the heart of why some are successful and some barely get by.  I want to talk about how personal ethics and self-control weigh into all of this.

Recently attention has been given to those in Detroit struggling to pay their water bills. Really?  Since when is being irresponsible all of a sudden someone else’s problem?  Many years ago, this would not have been my feeling hearing something such as this.  Now that I am much older and have met many people, have seen and heard some of the stunts some pull in order to “play the system” or “get something for nothing” these stories evoke something very different in me.

Yes I am cynical and rightly so. Cynicism is a good thing.  Naivety is not.  When broadcasting people’s so called “plights” it always helps to put as many facts into the story as possible.  In anything I hear about the more facts the better.  I’m always curious of how or why something is so.  There’s a huge difference in people who can’t pay and those who won’t for whatever reason.

Fresh water is pretty expensive around metro Detroit. When I had more people in my home and watered the lawn and garden I could pay about $250 every three months.  I also know that when I hardly use any, it was down to about half that amount.  If you know you are on a tight budget you tell your family to be responsible.  Take care of any drips, don’t water the lawn, take long showers or run your water when you aren’t using it.  In other words, be responsible for your actions that effect your money!

I want to know exactly who these people are who I’m sure have money for beer, cigarettes, food and cable TV and somehow can’t pay their water bills. They appear to have money enough for the home that needs running water, but they don’t have quite enough to pay for their water.  There’s something called economics and budgeting.  You don’t spend more than you have and you certainly don’t use more water than you can afford to pay for.  Yes for some a job loss or illness could cause these kinds of problems, but it can’t be the case for almost half the city of Detroit supposedly.

If I had never personally heard people, who to me are professional deadbeats, say things such as “I want to buy such and such or go here or there and I know since I’m poor they can’t turn my power off on me” and then they go out and do it I wouldn’t be thinking this way because it never entered my mind to do something like this even when I was the working poor.  I just went without and budgeted like hell!  I never ever thought the world owed me anything because I knew from being neglected and abandoned by my own parents that there was no world out there going to take care of me.  My parents didn’t even try to cheat the system or even ask for help themselves.  Now I don’t know how these other people became “spoiled” where they think some magical fairy is out there just waiting to take care of their every need like that, but it’s not very fair or very realistic.

I really believe our current media is very irresponsible and actually not very bright or experienced. I say this by the level of their supposed journalism compared to that of about 50 years ago.  People in the news media industry no longer appear to go after stories with much logic or depth.  I have read things that appear insane or at best laughable that the rest of us are supposed to buy into.

Basically that is what today’s journalism is for. Entertainment.  There is seldom any truth to stories and the facts are always way off base making it fiction.  In the past a news story was never allowed to be as inaccurate or biased as they are now.  A journalist always sought the truth no matter who looked bad.  Now that is unheard of.  Currently if the powers that be plan on having a certain person look a certain way, that’s how the story is written, no matter how slanted or ludicrous the outcome.


Does Detroit Stand a Chance?


Another bad appointment. I thought it was bad enough when President Obama appointed Timothy Geithner while I was working for the collection area of the Internal Revenue Service. I had to interview and collect information from taxpayers attempting to resolve their tax problems with the IRS and when they caught wind that the President’s appointee as U S Secretary of the Treasury owed some back taxes some tried to use this in their defense that if my boss didn’t have to pay, why should they? Very cute, amusing and all that and very wrong for the fact that if any of the IRS employees (the peons) did not pay tax promptly, they would lose their jobs.

It has just come to light that the Emergency Financial Manager that Governor Rick Snyder appointed to help save Detroit’s finances, did not properly take accurate care of his own finances in the recent past.  As an employee of the collection area of the IRS, I know how many notices are sent to the taxpayers and just how hard they try to contact them before any liens or levies are ever issued.  The liens were supposedly issued by the state of Maryland and I don’t know what their criterion is for placing liens, but the fact that he claims to not be aware of it cannot be true.  Is he lying?  Probably, but who can prove otherwise?  It appears that our business culture has become lousy with people who would not recognize honor or decency if it sat on their head and most couldn’t even give the correct definition of good business ethics. 

I don’t just fear for the future of Detroit, but all our cities and our country in general.  If it keeps up at this rate, there will be all out civil war in the streets between the thugs in office trying to appear legit and the thugs in the street because they are stepping into their turf.  It might be all the recent confusion brought about by the onslaught of liberal thinking.  They love the sin as well as the sinner.  They are confused for the fact that you are supposed to love the sinner and hate the sin.  You are supposed to encourage your brother to “go and sin no more.”  Most of them say “what the hey, we are all only human, if it feels good do it, and I must be born this way.”  What a cop-out and what a sick way to twist a society.  The longer this continues the more evident will be the destruction of these wrong mindsets, so give them enough rope…

The Continuing Saga of Kwame Kilpatrick

The Verdict came in today with twenty-four convictions against the former Mayor of Detroit out of the thirty counts or charges.  Another day of shame for Detroit and even more shameful for anyone associated with the man. 

I met Kwame years ago when, as the mayor, he stopped by for a speaking engagement in our Detroit office.  I was very impressed by his charisma and charm and this man truly appeared larger than life in person.  It helps me to understand why so many people went along with him.  It is so sad to see an intelligent person with so much potential get overrun by his own ego and poor judgement.  Did he always have mal intent upon taking office?  I know he liked to play the system from the start by the way he used funds illegally for his family upon taking office.  There was always some kind of impropriety going on.  People that feel destined to greatness often have egos that are completely overblown, causing them to use poor judgement and think they are entitled to whatever it is they want for the moment. 

This is the reason man lives by laws.  They simply cannot curb their ego and some will stop at nothing to get what they want.  Those are dangerous people.  The people that never learned the word “no.”  Kwame’s story is proof positive that you can’t always live your dream, especially when it is not realistic or fair to others and especially when it hurts the ones you are supposed to love. 

God bless and keep his children and I pray that they learn from their father’s mistakes.

What’s Really Ailing Detroit

Woke this morning to reports from Detroit about their police officers now working 12 hour shifts with pay cuts to “help the city.” Right there, wrong.

The fact that so many Federal, State and local governments are now balancing their budgets on the working man’s back is not acceptable. Anyone who thinks about this can see that none of our financial problems are the fault of the citizens and as such should not and cannot be solved by them. They are all the fault of the people in charge and running the various governmental agencies in these areas. They are the fault of their bad decisions and bookkeeping. They are the fault of their incompetence or downright corruption. If you worked for Kmart and your boss told you that you had to work mandatory overtime with no overtime pay and take a pay cut to boot because he made a bad financial decision that caused him to basically ruin his own company, would you do it? Some might depending on how badly they needed the work, any work, and how well the boss made his case. Would you do it because he was running low on cash trying to support his mistress and their love child as well as his family and he wasn’t able to buy that third home the wife was wanting?

I have grown more disgusted with Detroit Mayor Bing these days. He is doing anything to try and stop the appointment of an Emergency Manager for the City. Again, right there, wrong. Since when does one figurehead of a state or city have the ability to supersede the rights of the voters to elect who they want to represent them in offices in America? If the person or people in an office are incompetent or criminal, you have them investigated, relieved of duty as necessary and a hold a special election to fill the position. You do not appoint people to run things. To allow that is to open a whole new uglier can of worms and possibly more corruption. That is tyrannical governing and against our US Constitution. Of course, many things being done to our citizens are against our constitutional rights and here we sit with another cup of coffee and watching TV or scanning the internet for something banal we can blank our minds to. It’s very stressful to see all that writing on the wall.

Myfoxdetroit.com is running a story this morning about there being 32 people murdered in Detroit in the last 15 days, and counting.  This is not a city that you can afford to have overworked and underpaid police officers.  They are not the ones that broke the city budget but they are the ones that this city really needs to survive.  They don’t need many of the chiefs they have sitting around pushing pencils in so many of our Federal, state and local governmental offices.  I am not up on all the types of audits being conducted to prevent the types of financial problems so much of the country is suffering from all of a sudden.  I do know most of our problems began right after September 11th, 2001.  I do know that they coincide with President Clinton signing various trade agreements that did not work out for America’s best interest.  Did he know or care?  What was the problem that he did not realize there would be less Americans employed and with this comes less income tax, less money that they would be spending here and in turn helping other American businesses, less money withheld for social security and the snowball just keeps coming.

Police officers are very important in a world that no longer feels a need to use self-control.  In a world that feels “God is dead” so just live for today and get as high as you want so you can excuse anything you do.  Police officers are needed for the ones that never developed a conscience, don’t understand what eternity or hell is and think the “Golden Rule” is some kinda bling.  We are the hands and feet of God on this earth and we do need good men doing good works or none of us stand a chance.  The last thing a city needs to do is hobble and degrade the very people who make a positive difference in a city.  That protect and serve it.  Shame on you Mayor Bing.