Daily Prompt: Rhyming Time!

When I saw “Rhyme” as the prompt I said, “Why not, what the hell.”  I’ll never publish my book of poems as I had hoped so many years ago.  I have written poems/songs since my teens just for the fun of it.  I used to LOVE poetry.  I mean LOVE it when I was young.  Virtually all of my poems & songs rhyme.  I am not a fan of the verse that is “perverse” and does not.

I have written numerous poems a few years back after a very long break in which I studied other visual arts and dance.  So funny to me that I have notebooks full of my poetry and writing and I see others blog about this stuff but I don’t share mine, so far.  Here is one of my poems that I wrote in anger after one of my friends succumbed but before my sister found out she had advanced stage esophageal cancer.

Cancer is a bloody bitch and then you die.  Most of my family and friends have passed from this dangerous, insidious fuck up of the body, for lack of a better description.  It’s exactly what it is.  Your body fucks up and you hope for the best in remissions or treatment or just prepare yourself to say goodbye.

Cancer Kiss my Ass!!

Cancer kiss my ass!!

You sneaky sack of shit!!

You creep inside my body

and make a mess of it!

You take away my family

and friends that I hold dear.

Until there’s only one of me

awaiting you with fear.

I know about the car crash

the nutso with a gun,

But you just bide your time

until you take out everyone!

Bite me!!!

Po’ Girl Shines © 2014


God Bless!

Anxiety and Shocking Medical Decisions

There are a lot of titles being thrown around lately regarding Angelina Jolie’s decision to continue having parts of her body surgically removed in attempt to prevent cancer.  Courageous and brave are not words that come to my mind. I feel bad that she has such anxiety about the same risks most of us face.  It is frightening when almost every family member that has passed on has done so from cancer.  You can’t help but worry and think every twinge or odd feeling is a sure sign that you have developed the same thing yourself and that’s not to say you haven’t.

I do not feel that Angelina is grounded in anything but fear and anxiety and I was shocked to hear her quoted as saying now that she has had both tubes and ovaries removed that her children will never say that “mom died from ovarian cancer” as her mother had done.  We can’t and shouldn’t remove every part of our body as a preemptive measure in the hopes of warding off our imminent demise.  Doing something like this could actually exacerbate the thing we wish to prevent by Doctor error, infection or cause you to have to take medication such as artificial hormones which are far worse on your body than if you had just left one of the ovaries in for the next 10 years or so.

I say this as someone who knows.

I am a person who is very private.  Not a great candidate for a blog.  I am always amazed at those unafraid to share their deepest fears and darkest secrets with anyone who will listen.  I have never been that person.  I was upset with my husband for sharing things I did not want mentioned.  I don’t know if I posted anything about my surgery before but I became ill in my mid-twenties and with the help of a skillful surgeon was able to raise both of my babies to adulthood.  My Doctor was apologetic because previous testing appeared to show I had fibroid tumors, but this turned out not to be the case.  I was told that they had left one tube and one ovary in because they were clean and she did not want me to have to take the artificial hormones for the twenty or more years I would need to be on them to prevent premature menopause.

I am very thankful for this decision because other than my six month biopsies which followed, I only needed one additional surgery on that ovary 10 years later and it continued to do its job until one day, around the age of fifty, it gave up and menopause hit me like a ton of bricks! I am concerned with the fact that Angelina, being a celebrity, will influence others to do things that may not really be in their best interest just because she did it.  I don’t believe that anyone should undergo any type of surgery or even invasive tests unless it is absolutely necessary.  They all carry risks that are needless if the tests and surgery are needless.

It’s one thing to wear a seatbelt, eat healthy and exercise and not engage in risky activities such as texting and driving, which is one of the most insane things anyone can do.  These are things we can all do to give ourselves a decent chance in life.  Just use common sense and go to the Doctor if you are experiencing any changes in your health that don’t appear normal.  If you do this right away you should catch most things in time.  Other than that, don’t worry, try to be happy in all things and you will stay healthier in your life.

God bless you all!


Writing 101: Day Eight in the Hospital

Not as serious as it sounds, routine blood work for physical.

Walking the same path, I am reminded of the last time I saw my friend, but she didn’t see me and I hesitated talking to her, afraid it would rouse her from her coma of death.  A coma she no longer wanted to wake from because she decided it was her time to go home.

I watch the hospital employees striding by and the patients walk slower.  Most have no where else they have to be.

I smell that coffee smell in the hall because they chose to put a shop in one of the hallways.  I was fasting so really wanting a cup, even if it’s de-café now.

The lab technician is reading something when I come into the office.  She asks me for something and I don’t hear all of it for some reason.  She repeats it again and seems annoyed.  I’m praying she’s not the one that will be drawing my blood.

She’s is the one and when she begins her task, her demeanor changes completely and even though my arm has a poke in it, I’ve had worse phlebotomists.