Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdom

I consider our modern “Liberal” or “Progressive” movement that some have quickly jumped on board with, so they don’t get left out, to be one of the most absurd, convoluted and demonically insane groups of folks this world has seen yet.  No conventional wisdom here.

Let’s get into our current society, or lack thereof.  Most of us live and let live, we really don’t care what someone else is doing unless it effects us or someone we love adversely.  This is the way grownups have managed to get by not killing one another throughout most of history.  Minding our own business.  It’s only when you have those that try to force their will on others, that don’t agree with whatever it is, that you start to have conflict, much as we have now and there is no excuse for it.  This is starting to become a problem now that conservative people insist on others playing by the same rules we all live by.  “Give them an inch and they will take a mile” comes to mind when I think of some of the unrest we have been seeing in recent months.  Some have been assuming that their agenda was the only one that mattered so when they cannot get what they want, when they want it, they use force and violence or pitch a public fit.

No one needs to shout in any streets about anything in America.  We are not a third world country.  We have law and many regulations and if we don’t like something we pass petitions, get signatures or we write and or discuss with others who can make the changes needed, if they are reasonable.  Today we seem to have many unreasonable people that know there is nothing wrong, but somehow they are just not happy so they want to be sure others that are content are just as miserable as they are.  No one needs to scream about being gay, because it doesn’t matter.  It’s a personal, private decision and unless your ego is dangerous, you know this.

The current popularity of “Progressive Liberals” was caused by our mainstream media constantly giving fools attention and validation to various demands that were self-serving and ridiculous.  Celebrities are big on doing this and most are so starstruck they will go along with anything someone they admire believes in, much like a 12 year old schoolgirl.  Our mainstream media consists of three major networks, CBS, NBC & ABC that  keep up the non-stop propaganda needed so that you will be properly indoctrinated to whatever those who own the stations wish you to believe and want you to buy.

Exactly how they pick their next fad or person they wish to thrust into the spotlight for you to follow is their little secret for now, but they have an agenda.  One week it’s women screaming for the right to be topless in public, what they hope to achieve with that request, besides bring women back to the stone ages and make us more potential to become rape victims that no man can take seriously, is beyond me.  These people are either trying to mess things up for the rest of us on purpose or they are mentally ill and need help, not validation.  That stunt shouldn’t be taken seriously anymore than wearing a vagina hat means you are the kind of solid citizen I would trust teaching my kids.

Sadly, instead of evolving to a better society, which is where we should be, we have regressed to the point of neanderthal with better toys to play with.  If some had their way we would all walk around naked while we play with our cell phones taking selfies with the rest of the herd on our way to the trough.

Bitter?  You ain’t heard the half of it!  So, Conventional Wisdom you say?  I say that wisdom is about to go the way of the dinosaur due to the very nature of man who hates and tries to destroy anyone who seems to know better than them.  The wise man/woman is truly an endangered species.

Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity

“Plastic People, Oh Baby Now You’re Such a Drag!”

*Frank Zappa

I will never forget how much I disliked the hippies back in the 60’s and yet everyone considered me as one.  A child born in the 1950’s to actual Beatnik parents, dad a musician and mother an artist, I was who I was.  Thankfully this “hippie” thing came around by the time I was a teen or I would have really looked like the “loser” I felt like.  Obviously we did not have much money growing up as my father was never able to hold a job for very long between his brain surgeries and playing gigs on the weekends here and there.

So “Po’ Girl” was born, for real.  My sister and I never got a haircut growing up, we both wore one long braid down our back until I started Junior High and my mother decided we needed to be “scalped” and permed.  That’s about the time that the long straight look was in.  I let my hair grow back slowly and my mother, with her obsession to make me blonder, always lightened my hair with peroxide and later shampoo in “Summer Blond.”  (That’s another story.)

I had sewn my own clothing since I was about 8 years old and by my teens made much of my own wardrobe with help from my mother and grandmother with fabric selections or repurposing of older clothes.  My sister and I both loved putting our own spin to our store bought patterns and creating unique, one of a kind clothing.  Some thought we were cool because of this.  I really wish our family had taken more photos growing up so I could actually see pictures of how long our hair was at one time, no one did this.  I wish we had pictures in some of our really cool outfits as well.  Mostly I just have my memories of better days.


Me and dad.

If the hippie thing had not come along, we would just be the weird family, which we were to some anyway.  We were “gypsies” which I think I mentioned in other posts.  People love to label you and we were not the average “anglos” like our neighbors were.  We are mostly white for sure but both parents had other heritage what gave them darker skin and hair there really were not much ethnic people around once we moved to the burbs from Detroit.

My sister and myself, me still bleaching my hair, trying to be models!

My sister and myself, me still bleaching my hair, trying to be models!

My father taught me to play the guitar and I smoked with his blessing by the time I was 16.  He rolled his own, and I don’t mean doobies, but he did drink, sometimes too much.  His family had a tobacco farm many years ago in the south, where he was from.So here I was in my natural habitat with dad jamming all night, my mom in the next room painting and I would sometimes have friends over laughing, drinking our coffee or coke and smoking all night.  I also played the guitar and sometimes joined them.   I was authentically me, whether I liked it or not and never changed for anyone.  Mostly because I didn’t know how to.

Meanwhile I tried hanging around with other “hippies” but realized that most were the plastic, weekend kind that were not the free spirit I actually was by nature.  They were mean, selfish and always wanted to get high on drugs.  The drugs were the selling point for most of them.  They were not spiritual but thought they were while they were high.  I got into a big debate one evening at some Christian coffee shop, of all places, with an older guy, maybe early 20’s, I was 17 at the time.  He kept trying to insist he saw God when he was high on LSD.  I proceeded to tell him that he did not, he thinks he did, but that God would not show himself to someone that was “out of their mind.”  I told him that he would see God maybe in prayer but not tripping.  That was just my humble opinion and who knows,  maybe he did.

I look like I'm pretty high in this picture but I just have a strange expression on my face.

I look like I’m pretty high in this picture but I just have a strange expression on my face.