Musings from a Menopausal Maven are thoughts about life that I feel and have felt since I was a very young poet/artist.  Now I am much older and have come to find that some of my original feelings were right all along and some I have come to mellow on.  I do know one thing.  This world would be entirely different, and of course much better, if everyone based their life on the teachings of Christ.  If everyone decided to pick up their cross and do what is right instead of what is easy or acting on some current urge of theirs.  If everyone grew up and applied themselves, I think most would be surprised at what they could accomplish.  The world and those around you should be better for your being here, not worse.

Even though I claim to be a Menopausal Maven, I have yet to discuss anything that even remotely has to do with Menopause, the scourge of most middle-aged women everywhere.  I was fine until the day my ovary died.  Then it was crash and burn baby, burn!  I will explain that I had to have a total hysterectomy when I was only 28 years old.  Pretty devastating to me at the time.  They left one tube and ovary in because my Dr said they were “clean” and that even though they would have prefered to have removed everything at the time, they said I would have had to have been placed on hormone replacement therapy for too many years and they did not want to do that to me and risk other forms of cancer from artificial hormones.  I had undergone surgery for pre-cancer a number of years before that and was told by my Drs that if I wanted anymore children, I better have them right away and they were right!

This website is not to provide any legal or professional advice and is for entertainment purposes only.  You use any and all information at your own risk.  All rights reserved and all posts and pictures are written and created by Po’ Girl Shines.  No parts of this blog may be used without the express written consent of Po’ Girl Shines except for brief written reviews.

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