Daily Prompt: Someday

My prints will come!

Had to change my idea of what prince (prints) is.  There are no knights in shining armor for most of us.  So I turned to photography.

As the years pass many of us become disappointed that there is no real sense of fairness to the universe.  Stories and legends teach us that if we are good, we will have good things happen for us and meet good people and if we are bad we will be punished which is a lie for the most part.  Many achieve their worldly success doing bad things and most good people live their lives in obscurity, disrespected, used and abused by this world.

Someday” used to be a magic word for me.  “Someday” I’m going to be this age and then I can do that, “someday” I’m going to do this thing and everything will work out wonderfully for me.  “Someday” I will win the lotto and then I can get back all the things that were stolen from me through the years.  Everything but my time, youth and innocence that is.

Someday the people will know enough not to be fooled and used by others.  Someday we will actually find a cure for evil and then we can live as we were meant to live.  Loving and helping one another, not being jealous and taking more than we need or deserve.

Someday I will be happy, someday free.

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