Daily Prompt: Tempted to Speak Up

I am going to vent or muse a few things that personally enrage me.  Hypocrisy is really the order of the day for the liberals now.  And it’s beyond hypocrisy to where they will lie about everything in the transparent attempt to make themselves look good and conservatives bad.  The stupidity and evil of some people.  It’s not all folks or or world would be worse than it currently is.  The problem for many years has been the slow decline of America’s culture due to liberalism.  These sick and perverted thoughts have been shoved down everyone’s throats whether they like it or not.  That’s called bullying, especially if what they are shoving is completely unnatural and unpopular to the masses.

If the Hitlers of today had their way, they will find a way to stop anyone from saying what they think or feel by labeling it “hate” and making you guilty of a crime for speaking the absolute truth.  If you don’t believe in perversion you are a hater or have a phobia in their astute opinion, as wrong as they are.  If I am wrong to say publicly that openly promoting homosexuality is a bad idea, then they must not be allowed to speak their mind either.  The problem with this is that almost all our mainstream media is owned and operated by wealthy liberals so the only thing they can really give out is propaganda.

For a very long time I have thought “How dare you tell me what I can say, how I can react or what I can believe?”  “Who the hell do you think you are, to even intimate something like this when in the same breath you are speaking your own belief that is diametrically opposed to others demanding they accept your belief as the only one. ” Egomaniac much?  Oddly, these are the same folks that hate religion and the moral majority because they resent being told what to do, especially when it’s been long viewed as a sin.  All of a sudden a handful of lying egomaniacs think they can change and control the entire natural world?  I have a huge problem with that.

There’s a reason that strict traditions and behavior have been followed since the beginning of time and that cultures that start trying to be openly perverse come to an end.  It’s called selfishness or “pride being before a fall.”  You cannot make others accept you by forcing them to do so or by thinking you can indoctrinate some to an unnatural reaction by subjecting them to visual and verbal cues.  You might trick a few who will later feel manipulated into a lifestyle that was not their idea to begin with.  This leaves them liable for all kinds of law suits.  Then you have those that try to stop some from converting from gay to straight.  When I heard that I was flabbergasted!  How dare anyone try to stop someone from being who they really are?  So they have set themselves as judge and jury that if you tried something and didn’t like it, you better stay or else there will be hell to pay.  I’m just amazed at the obvious stupidity in this kind of thinking.

I find it interesting that homosexual’s have a “pride” parade and that there used to be so much hoopla of people saying they were “proud” of someone who came out of the closet.  Why?  Did it solve world hunger?  Bring about world peace?  Actually quite the opposite.  No one cares what anyone does in the privacy of their own bedrooms, nor is it their business.  Since when is “what turns you on sexually” a world-wide reason to celebrate?  Since when are the “needs of the few” outweighing the needs of the many?”  It should always be don’t ask, don’t tell.  Homosexuality is not normal and if it’s not normal behavior, flaunting this behavior in the face of those that don’t share this lifestyle is offensive and this is not OK.  In fact it may be one of the defining aspects of why open gayness should not be allowed.  I don’t care to hear who is gay anymore than I want to hear some co-worker of mine tell me how he or she “likes it doggy style” or has “oral sex.”  To me any “sex” talk where you really don’t intimately know the other person is not OK, homo or hetero.  Trolling much?

There are many real problems that homosexuality has brought to the world such as spreading of AIDs and various long-standing child molestations like in the Catholic Church that has been covered up for far too long.  I have known people that were molested sexually as children by homosexuals, male and female alike and had some say that heterosexuals are guilty of child molestations as well.  This may be true but it’s also true that if you are morally able to cross one line of a cultural taboo, it will be far easier to cross another one.

I don’t care what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom and it should not be anyone’s business.  I would be the first one to stick up for someone getting picked on for something like this, but I will not lie or pretend what I feel inside about this subject.  I certainly don’t believe in “gay marriage.”  That’s going to lead to many disturbed children in the future, watch and see.  Also this will bring about so many children having to be “produced” for those with the ultimate hypocrisy to scream to be allowed to be gay, but want their cake and eat it too.  Two males cannot have sex together anymore than two females can and they certainly cannot reproduce.  I believe that these gay couples adopting is the ultimate in hypocrisy, but I’m sure they will come up with something even more diabolical, give these kinds of people time.

Sometimes I wonder if these big-mouthed types are even really gay at all or just want to bully and shock others just like those nutty women who scream for the right to walk around topless in public.  Feeble minded trouble makers that want attention.  If you look at the big picture these kinds of things do seem staged because they all seem to run smoothly as if rehearsed.  Most of the gays I’ve ever known just minded their own business, not other people’s.  Even ones that lived openly when it was not popular.  It could very well have been a way to distract and divide the citizens much as they are now doing with shoving “racism” down everyone’s throats now but that’s another post all in itself.  Wag the Dog is alive and well!

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