Discover Challenge: Tough Questions

Now that I am much older and wiser, no question really seems tough to me.  Sometimes I question if that means I have just become arrogant and closed-minded but I don’t think that is the case at all.  There are many times when I have things pointed out to me that I say “I never thought of it that way before” and I realize that there might be reasons why someone does something that I find strange that is not what I first thought.

When I was young I was inexperienced, very naive, believed everything I heard from anyone and I never questioned much.  I never had a strong opinion on most things.  Now even back then if someone spoke of abortion, I would be against it because that’s an innocent life we are talking about and I knew many unwed mothers at that time, some that raised their babies and some that put them up for adoption.  I only knew of a couple that “pulled a Penny” (Dirty Dancing).  I remember being shocked and horrified and while I didn’t hate them, I looked at them in a completely different way.  It’s especially sad when you already saw how aggressive and mean-spirited they were to begin with and you can’t help but think, yup I can believe this was their choice.  I think this is why I am so against abortion.  Ending a human life shouldn’t be an easy option for anyone.  That’s just plain ghoulish and dehumanizing to the human spirit for all involved but I never say never in any situations I have not faced.  I don’t know what it would feel like to be pregnant and not want the baby because I lost one of my babies from a miscarriage in my third month, and the ability to bear children soon after.  I appreciate life in a way that someone who was not in my shoes could not begin to understand.

I remember applying for jobs when I was older and how easy the questions were to answer during my interview.  The same questions that left me scared and tongue-tied as a much younger person.

Also, it’s not so much the question being asked as how the question is being asked, who’s asking and why.

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