Daily Prompt: Should Anyone Really Trust Their Own Government?

Trust is a word that is thrown around quite a bit.  It’s a word that makes me cringe personally.  Because of my past experiences, I have huge trust issues.

I’m sure most of you have similar feelings in the trusting of others or trusting that something will work out in the right way for you.  Trusting in your own instincts about things is a must.  Trusting others can be a huge problem if the person is not worthy of your trust.  Hopefully you can trust your instincts about them so you don’t get hurt physically, financially or mentally.  We base our very existence on trust.

Every time we get into our vehicles for any errand, we trust all the other drivers with our very lives.  With so many texting and driving this trust is getting very strained.

Being a person of excellence allows others to place their trust in you and rightly so.

I don’t have any trust in our current elected officials or the obvious liberal views spewing from the network media regarding the 2016 Presidential election.  I am trusting that they will place whoever they desire in that position once the time comes.


Discover Challenge: Radical Authenticity

“Plastic People, Oh Baby Now You’re Such a Drag!”

*Frank Zappa

I will never forget how much I disliked the hippies back in the 60’s and yet everyone considered me as one.  A child born in the 1950’s to actual Beatnik parents, dad a musician and mother an artist, I was who I was.  Thankfully this “hippie” thing came around by the time I was a teen or I would have really looked like the “loser” I felt like.  Obviously we did not have much money growing up as my father was never able to hold a job for very long between his brain surgeries and playing gigs on the weekends here and there.

So “Po’ Girl” was born, for real.  My sister and I never got a haircut growing up, we both wore one long braid down our back until I started Junior High and my mother decided we needed to be “scalped” and permed.  That’s about the time that the long straight look was in.  I let my hair grow back slowly and my mother, with her obsession to make me blonder, always lightened my hair with peroxide and later shampoo in “Summer Blond.”  (That’s another story.)

I had sewn my own clothing since I was about 8 years old and by my teens made much of my own wardrobe with help from my mother and grandmother with fabric selections or repurposing of older clothes.  My sister and I both loved putting our own spin to our store bought patterns and creating unique, one of a kind clothing.  Some thought we were cool because of this.  I really wish our family had taken more photos growing up so I could actually see pictures of how long our hair was at one time, no one did this.  I wish we had pictures in some of our really cool outfits as well.  Mostly I just have my memories of better days.


Me and dad.

If the hippie thing had not come along, we would just be the weird family, which we were to some anyway.  We were “gypsies” which I think I mentioned in other posts.  People love to label you and we were not the average “anglos” like our neighbors were.  We are mostly white for sure but both parents had other heritage what gave them darker skin and hair there really were not much ethnic people around once we moved to the burbs from Detroit.

My sister and myself, me still bleaching my hair, trying to be models!

My sister and myself, me still bleaching my hair, trying to be models!

My father taught me to play the guitar and I smoked with his blessing by the time I was 16.  He rolled his own, and I don’t mean doobies, but he did drink, sometimes too much.  His family had a tobacco farm many years ago in the south, where he was from.So here I was in my natural habitat with dad jamming all night, my mom in the next room painting and I would sometimes have friends over laughing, drinking our coffee or coke and smoking all night.  I also played the guitar and sometimes joined them.   I was authentically me, whether I liked it or not and never changed for anyone.  Mostly because I didn’t know how to.

Meanwhile I tried hanging around with other “hippies” but realized that most were the plastic, weekend kind that were not the free spirit I actually was by nature.  They were mean, selfish and always wanted to get high on drugs.  The drugs were the selling point for most of them.  They were not spiritual but thought they were while they were high.  I got into a big debate one evening at some Christian coffee shop, of all places, with an older guy, maybe early 20’s, I was 17 at the time.  He kept trying to insist he saw God when he was high on LSD.  I proceeded to tell him that he did not, he thinks he did, but that God would not show himself to someone that was “out of their mind.”  I told him that he would see God maybe in prayer but not tripping.  That was just my humble opinion and who knows,  maybe he did.

I look like I'm pretty high in this picture but I just have a strange expression on my face.

I look like I’m pretty high in this picture but I just have a strange expression on my face.

Happy Sonday!

Thinking about how the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed the world for the better throughout the years even with so many that no longer want “anyone telling them what to believe or what to do.”

I find it frightening that most of these people are constantly told what to do by our paid for entertainment and news media.  The indoctrination of the people in the way of the world is dangerous and will end with dire consequences.

Turns out our lovely “Supreme Court” is supremely ignorant and their many judgments have helped to destroy this once great country.  I realize we are not perfect, Jesus told us this fact over two thousand years ago.  The more years I live the more this fact proves itself on a daily basis.

A small group of people managed to tell all the rest of us that prayer was no longer allowed in school.  They slowly began taking away any evidence of God or Christ in any building with a lame excuse that a couple of heathens were offended.  Many more of us were offended so where is our lawsuits or complaints?  Buried, if anyone bothered.  I find this odd and confusing while the liberal media still places the Pope on some kind of pedestal, even when he can’t keep all the pedophile priests under control.

Taking prayer out of schools was not enough for these clowns so 11 years later they also decided that a baby that was not born was not a person and the mother can murder it freely.  The day a handful of people can tell me that babies are not a living human being because they are gestating than that makes all of us non-human as well because we all began that way.  Yup, not on crack at all, but they obviously have no souls.

There’s a reason we now have this freak show of a presidential election.  The people that have taken over America have proven how little they care for humanity or any citizen here.  They have shown this in their deliberate destruction with bad judgement calls such as these that go against public opinion as well as their constant decisions that destroy families and communities while trying to look like they are helping others with the welfare system and bringing in undocumented people that do not even agree with our culture at best.

They need to remember that they are not fooling many of us and they sure are not fooling God.  Of course when you are an atheist that’s not a concern you have.  They better be concerned because many of us documented actual citizens will be voting come election time.  Some of us just need better memories of what voting really means.



Discover Challenge: Animal Rescue

I won’t go into details of how and why I had to rescue an 8-year-old male Akita over 300 miles away late Mother’s Day  in 2009.  I only did it because I did not want him to be put down because of his owners antics.

I will say that I knew nothing about this breed of dog and don’t remember if I even found out what breed of dog it was before driving there quite frankly.  I just thank God that I let him in my car when the officer brought the dog out to my vehicle in his harness because besides being very large, over a hundred pounds, he did not look happy at all!


I actually didn’t say too much as he got into the back seat and within a short time I felt his muzzle on my shoulder as he let out a big doggy sigh.

I actually took a few days off work to get a routine for taking care of my boy while I worked full-time.  Thankfully he could hold his bladder from morning walk right before I left until I came straight home to let him out and this is with the food and water left out for him.  We always had an evening stroll before bed so he could do his business as well.  He had the run of the basement while I was gone or sometimes my neighbor, a dog lover that lost her own dog years before, wanted to watch him.


Poor puppy used to bark at every sound when he first came home with me and made sure I was aware of just how angry he was at me for taking him away from his family like that.  When I would talk to him, he would actually turn himself around from me and give me the cold shoulder over which he would turn his head and shoot a dagger or two at me.  I was “OMG, he’s mad at me.”  I won him over quickly because I was kind but firm.  Much later one of my sons told me that many people can’t even work with Akita’s because they are so strong-willed.  Again so glad I did not know all this ahead of time or I might have backed out.

I’m a pretty tough cookie myself and had to be very aggressive on the job so I actually had no problem with my pup after we had “our little talk.”  He was really giving me a hard time and would not listen to almost any command, not that I was sure of his previous training, but when he refused to come into the house one of the first evenings, I went out, put him in his harness and had to haul him in.  That was about the one and only time that happened.  I was about to get mad and I just looked at his sad little stubborn face, sat down and tried to explain to him that he has to listen to me because I am trying to help him and I want him to stay there with me.


It was the funniest thing that he was acting like a naughty child and kept trying to turn his head away from me as well as blinking his eyes like he was thinking “OMG, please shut up!”  Luckily this did not “unnerve” me in any way at the time.  Not so sure how I would deal with another dog of this temperament now that I’m older.  My little talk did something because after that night he did act differently towards me.


Even when his owners could finally take him back, he did not want to go with them, he wanted to stay with me and told them so just like Lassie.  He barked at them like he was angry and then pranced up to me and leaned up against me showing them that he wanted to stay with me.  I was shocked and it melted my heart.

He passed away from a sudden illness two years later but he was a completely different dog by that time and my life was so enriched by my decision to let him into my heart even though it ended up being broken.  He needed me and I needed him and I think he must have sensed this.