Distracting Myself Until Death?

Is this what it’s come down to?  Is this our lives?

Am I the only person who’s sick of our current society and way everyone is putting themselves “in your face” demanding that you accept them no matter what, whether you are personally offended or not?  No wonder they call it “going viral.”  Viral sounds a lot like virus, which causes illness and it’s making me sick.

Hopefully this is not the only reason I am here.  To be someone’s audience and to what exactly?  Most of our ordinary experiences in life that we don’t video tape because it’s not normal to do so?  And some not so ordinary, some downright evil or at best, unwise.

Why is some of this crap so fascinating?

Some things I don’t appreciate are people acting their worst or looking their worst and saying “Hey!  What’s wrong with me?”

How long do you have?

Then the whining and crying when they are not accepted or even put down by the trolls or just people speaking the truth when they knew good and well this was going to happen.  Then everyone else is the hater, not the instigator that deliberately baited everyone else with their foolishness.

And I love the media uptake on all this nonsense.  It’s always to be on the side of the media whores.  But not surprising when you look at the American culture lately and how it’s quickly imploding by accepting all that is wrong and nothing that is right or fair.  People like this will never prosper nor should they.

This video needs to go viral!

2 thoughts on “Distracting Myself Until Death?

  1. Hear hear! I’ve written a few posts on my blog recently along these lines. I blame the newly coined “haters gonna hate”.

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