You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have!

There are so many cute and inspirational sayings out there.  Too many and some I can see right though now that I am much older and  more experienced in life.

It has been said “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” That sounds like a swell idea if you also have access to the other ingredients.

No sugar or water for the lemonade?  Make something else instead?  You can make nothing palatable with a lemon without something to sweeten it.  Some don’t have the stove to bake something else, a freezer to create lemon ice.  Again, where’s that sweetener?

These sayings suppose that the people reading the quotes have had a similar life as the author for the most part and that this writer has some logic and good sense or it might not make any sense to anyone else.  It takes for granted that you have the other needed ingredients to make the best of certain situations.  Many do not.  Some are just praying something else doesn’t go wrong in their lives.  It usually does, because life can really be a bloody female dog at times.  We all know this.  Something to think about.

This is not to say we shouldn’t always look on the bright side of any situation, for our own sanity we need to do this.  If I were to look back on my life, it would be much too overwhelming for me.  I would rather see most things with rose colored glasses.  I need them desperately.


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