Some people use this term like it’s a bad thing.

People have always discriminated since the beginning of mankind, those that wanted to survive, that is.  This is why blanket liberal views destroy societies and cultures and a huge reason our world is in such a confused and dangerous mess at present.  You allow the dreamers and poets to make the important decisions on what to base our lives on and you won’t be living much longer.

Back to the term of discrimination.  It’s actually good to discriminate.  We discriminate daily to survive.  It’s how me make decisions.  That’s how me make a basic choice of what is safe to do or even if certain people seem safe to us.  The liberals that have taken over our current culture and media don’t want anyone to discriminate against any people, unless they’re Christians.  That’s just an honest fact and pretty disturbing considering this is exactly who Islamic extremists discriminate against as well, and their discrimination tends to be very extreme.  That’s why I don’t trust the judgment of liberals and don’t agree with most of their beliefs or current agenda.

Everything in life is not fair or even because if it was, the rich would share a heck of a lot more and stop using the poor’s blood, sweat and tears to build their riches still to this day.  They are no different from the evil kings of yore.

It used to be a compliment to say that someone had discriminating taste.  Which means they knew something good when they saw it.  Something that was of high quality and could appreciate it.  By this same standard, many do discriminate against other people for a reason.  I don’t blame them one bit.  If you think a certain neighborhood is dangerous you will have brains to stay out of that dangerous neighborhood.  It’s discrimination if you know Uncle Joe will get drunk on Thanksgiving, like he always does, and cause a fight so you omit him from your dinner list.  You have that right.  Uncles seldom try to bring discrimination lawsuits against their kin for being excluded from dinners where they start trouble.

The problem comes with liberalism tries to interfere with good common sense in making people feel bad for not wanting to be around certain people or places.  Other people have no right to judge how you feel and why.  Hopefully you do have good sound reasons behind your discrimination and you don’t just reject those that are different on something you were taught or on some mean-spirited whim.   You will miss out on a lot in life if this is the case.


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