Daily Prompt: Never Ending Forgiveness

is not very realistic.  You can choose to forgive, but no one ever forgets, unless  it’s from actual damage to the brain.  You can choose not to think about it until “the next time.”  It’s those next times that do finally ruin relationships.  I believe that true forgetting can happen for one time instances and that’s great, but rarely is that the case.

I know.  I’ve been there.  I know I don’t hold grudges at all or there would have been those I never would have spoken to again after some of their stunts, but after a while you have to look at any relationship that demands never-ending forgiveness.  One sided relationships never work out, nor should they.  Allowing continuous bad behavior does not serve anyone.  Why would anyone allow another to be the worst they can be?  Like when some parents spoil a child that no one wants to be near.

There is a lot said in the Bible and other places about never-ending forgiveness, but tell me, why should anyone need this?  Mistakes should always be forgiven.  Even doing something downright wrong can be forgiven since no one is perfect and most do stupid things that even they question “whatever possessed them?”

We can’t choose our relatives however we can choose to love some from afar.  Especially those we know that have poor impulse control, are into substance abuse or just plain nasty and are a danger to themselves or others.  They used to have places for people like this and when they closed most mental hospitals, our society adjusted by “putting up with” things people would have never dreamt of putting up with 50 years ago.

I had experiences with some that I kept forgiving all kinds of slights or “slaps in the face” which were very telling to me and after a while you have to give in to the reality that it’s not that you don’t forgive them, but you are smart enough to know that they obviously don’t feel the same way about you as you feel about them.  This is hurtful and even more so when you finally cut certain people out of your life because really, what’s the point anymore?

I would rather be by myself than with others that make me feel “less than.”


Some people use this term like it’s a bad thing.

People have always discriminated since the beginning of mankind, those that wanted to survive, that is.  This is why blanket liberal views destroy societies and cultures and a huge reason our world is in such a confused and dangerous mess at present.  You allow the dreamers and poets to make the important decisions on what to base our lives on and you won’t be living much longer.

Back to the term of discrimination.  It’s actually good to discriminate.  We discriminate daily to survive.  It’s how me make decisions.  That’s how me make a basic choice of what is safe to do or even if certain people seem safe to us.  The liberals that have taken over our current culture and media don’t want anyone to discriminate against any people, unless they’re Christians.  That’s just an honest fact and pretty disturbing considering this is exactly who Islamic extremists discriminate against as well, and their discrimination tends to be very extreme.  That’s why I don’t trust the judgment of liberals and don’t agree with most of their beliefs or current agenda.

Everything in life is not fair or even because if it was, the rich would share a heck of a lot more and stop using the poor’s blood, sweat and tears to build their riches still to this day.  They are no different from the evil kings of yore.

It used to be a compliment to say that someone had discriminating taste.  Which means they knew something good when they saw it.  Something that was of high quality and could appreciate it.  By this same standard, many do discriminate against other people for a reason.  I don’t blame them one bit.  If you think a certain neighborhood is dangerous you will have brains to stay out of that dangerous neighborhood.  It’s discrimination if you know Uncle Joe will get drunk on Thanksgiving, like he always does, and cause a fight so you omit him from your dinner list.  You have that right.  Uncles seldom try to bring discrimination lawsuits against their kin for being excluded from dinners where they start trouble.

The problem comes with liberalism tries to interfere with good common sense in making people feel bad for not wanting to be around certain people or places.  Other people have no right to judge how you feel and why.  Hopefully you do have good sound reasons behind your discrimination and you don’t just reject those that are different on something you were taught or on some mean-spirited whim.   You will miss out on a lot in life if this is the case.


Right Always Wins Over Might

purplehazeirisAll these recent acts of terrorism cause me to recall something Martin Luther King Jr. once said that rang so true to me then and even more so now.

         “I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.  This is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant!”

Amen to that!


Who is the Real Enemy?

Man has always tried to make the best of things.  The spirit most of us have is to never give up.  With that in mind, it has never been man’s spirit to encourage or allow evil to share their lives, unless they too were of that same evil mindset.  Either way, Jesus said it best about the dark not liking the light and vice versa.  This is why you are not supposed to be those that do not share your values and morals.  You may pull some up but more often, they will at least try to drag you down in their misery.

I believe this is why terrorists love to find the happiest places to shoot or blow up.  Weddings, parties and so on.  These are weak, empty vessels that allow themselves to be filled up by the devil himself and become full of jealousy and hatred.  Jealousy is a huge emotion seldom spoken of.  It is what was behind Cain murdering Abel.  This is why some cannot begin to understand the teachings of Christ to first love God, but to love their brother as themselves.  If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love others.

I truly believe that any religions or cults that exist in our world that promote hatred and violence must be banned.  Once banned, they will have to creep back under the rock from which they first crawled from and they don’t need to be eradicated.

Unfortunately liberalism has helped to spread so much sin and horror in our modern world because liberalism does not seem to accept all, but appears to have an affinity towards sin.  They don’t just love the sinners, as Christianity does as it attempts to save and correct them, but appears to coddle and encourage bad behavior in the sinner.  This is loving sin and it shows the true spirit behind liberalism.

Just because there have been traditional practices throughout the ages, does not make them right or acceptable.  We all know better now.  We are well aware of freedom and something we call rights in America.  We all know what murder is and we all know what slavery is and that they are and always have been wrong.  This does not stop some people from committing these acts even today.  Some with a liberal spin on them of course

Any race, religion, color, creed or group that promotes any kind of harm or violence to others, regardless of age, sex or anything really, must be stopped now.  Liberalism appears to be going to extremes in the endless quest to be against anything that real or conservative people think.  So liberalism is a lot like rebellion against what has always been considered normal or acceptable.  The liberals forget that through the years civilized societies deemed certain things taboo for a reason and it won’t take long for any society to find that out as it spins further out of control.

Everything you have the urge to do is not natural and therefore should be acceptable as we see with women wishing to end their child’s life simply because it would complicate their own.  Neither is it acceptable for someone to end another’s life because they have judged them as a sinner or infidel as the terrorists do.  Both are murderers and both terrorists in my eyes.

Either all life is sacred or none is.Pray4France2

All murder is terrorism and must stop now.

Do you actually think about things or merely agree with whatever you hear?  Be the positive change we need in this world.

Will There be Another BIG BANG?

I think there will be, but not in the manner of the original phrase.  Not because those book learned yet foolish scientists are playing games with trying to create the BIG BANG, which is insane on the face of it.  No.  I mean everything that man is now doing is beyond wrong and will be blowing up in their faces very soon.  Besides, people forget that the BIG BANG is merely some spiritually  unenlightened man’s theory.  I’ve noticed most in positions of power in our liberal, politically correct society are very ignorant.  They have no wisdom and it appears no sense of logic as well.


The BIG BANG is a label some give to the start of our universe and God’s people consider the instant God said “Let there be light.”  But scientists don’t want to mention God and would rather say a random explosion occurred in the cosmos and the fact that everything on God’s earth fits perfectly together is just a coincidence.  We all know what they say about coincidences and no one really knows how or why these occur.

I do wonder if the liberal world view is just ignorance and selfishness or if there actually are demonic forces driving some people to deliberately do things that will destroy this world.  The world God created.

You can never truly know another man’s heart, and that is another thing some men are pretending to find a solution to with mind reading machines.  What a laugh, like their lie detectors were not obtuse enough.  But then man’s dream is for ultimate control over other men.  It’s not enough to kill them, rape their women and burn their villages anymore.  They want to keep as many of them here to witness that superior skill of conquering their enemies and making them do their bidding.  Face it, you’re dead, what fun is that?  Who can they mock and dictate to?  Only the very ignorant kill their enemies anymore.

Political correctness or liberalism is causing enormous problems in our society and in the world in general.  It sounds good and even somewhat Christian to be kind and not judge others and in my real life, I don’t judge or treat anyone differently no matter who they are or what they do.  This does not mean that I tolerate bad or dangerous behavior from others such as abuse but I meet people on the same level no matter their status or beliefs.

The biggest problem I see with liberalism is hypocrisy.  What began as acceptance of sin is now a love for it and a complete contempt for God, Jesus and everything that stands for righteousness.  This proves what is really behind the movement.  I knew it all along but most fall for anything because they are not strong in the Word.  Most don’t know the Word of God at all and that’s why it’s been so easy for liberalism to take hold and for so many motivational speakers and others to sell their books and philosophies they steal from Christ all the while pretending it’s their great idea.

I’m not religious but I do recognize Jesus as the Son of God and that He was definitely born for a reason.  I am personally thankful for that reason and wish more knew His Words so they will get to know Him and He who sent Him, God!  There does appear to be a definite choosing of sides at this time and all one has to do is have a Facebook account with all the feeds that come in daily recanting all the atrocities going on in our world, all the lines being drawn and the doctrines quoted by so many of opposing sides to see that something big and bad is about to go down soon.

Much like tap dancing on that proverbial minefield, something definitely is about to go BANG in a BIG way!  Only fitting that something starting with a BIG BANG should end the same way.