Understanding Jesus

How hard can that be?

I know there is “none so blind as those who will not see” and that is the only reason I can think of that anyone would not recognize the Son of God.  Is it their own fault?  Yes.  They do not have a heart for God.  They only see what they wish to see.

Jesus said that people hated him because He removed the cloak from their sins.  He was right and those that try to say Jesus was a liberal couldn’t be more wrong.  He told people to “sin no more” and some listened because it was done out of love.  Just because you have an urge to do something does not mean you should do it.  It does not mean you were “born that way.”  Having an urge to do something does not make it right and it is just about the worst reason to act on it.  I am shocked and ashamed of the media craze to “do your own thing” regardless of what that is.  Except public prayer or something horrible like that.

Does this mean that all those who do not recognize Jesus are evil?  Obviously they would be easy marks for the evil one to puppet around.  If you walk around with a “house well swept” and you do not fill it with the Word, the truth, you risk being taken over by any kind of influence our society offers.  If there is no “good” inside of you, what’s there?  Who do you serve?  Humans are very easily influenced, but few are attracted to being good, doing the right thing or some other “sissy” sign of weakness.

People have long mocked and had contempt for good people and Jesus was the best.  If you don’t love Him because you know who He is, you usually hate Him for the same reason.


Doing The Right Thing Instead of Your Own Thing

We have never had such a selfish, hedonistic generation as the one we live in today.

Through the ages each generation swears they were better than the ones that have followed them and this might explain a lot of what is going on.  Where is the world headed if this is true?

Much like a bad or coddling parent, if we decide to turn our heads away every time our fellow citizens do the wrong thing, what does this tell them and others?  That we are weak?  That we simply don’t care?  That these others are better than the rest of the population?  Whatever any society allows or promotes effects everyone in that society so with that in mind, does any one group of people deserve to force their views on the rest of their culture who don’t share the same belief?

I’ve noticed that the liberal minority only believes this when the belief is that of Jesus being the Savior of the world.  Then it’s wrong to shove peace and love in the rest of the world’s face.  Yeah, right, but the gay agenda is fun for the whole family, those beliefs are forced on everyone and that’s OK for some reason.

I guess I’m wondering when will all the selfish demands by a select few stop?  If they get their way, does this not encourage others with even stranger, more unreasonable or even dangerous demands?

Is anyone else concerned with our world’s current trajectory?

Most have rejected the teachings of Christ in this world.  Many of us still continue to follow the theology that we grew up with and I understand this.  I for one only decided to follow Christ as a much older person.  I was taught a few Sunday school stories before I even entered school, but was never really in the Word until much later.  I knew the Golden Rule and never had a problem following this my entire life.

I’m a firm believer that it is enough if people were to just follow the basic teaching of treating others the way they wish to be treated, this is exactly what God has in mind when Jesus told his followers if they loved Him, they would keep His commandments.  A commandment is not a suggestion, it is a command.  Love the Lord your God with all your heart and one another in the same way.  When you keep the commandment of love, you won’t commit any of the sins the Ten Commandments cover.