People With Names

Are Dying Everyday

in our inner cities.  Why isn’t anyone lining up to protest these deaths as some are willing to do for a lion with a name?  Let’s name all deer Bambi and then scream and wail in the streets when hunting season opens.  Just don’t wear your leather shoes when you do this.

Abortions are killing hundreds of people in America’s cities everyday yet where are the death threats and anger for this abomination?

The reason you are not seeing this outrage at that which true outrage is deserved, is because good people are the only ones that feel this way.  The ones with well-balanced, logical minds don’t go after people in rages and with threats and maybe this is unfortunate.  Keeps the evil ones ahead at this time.

Basically only those unable or unwilling to forgive others behave with angry, irrational responses hence their victims are usually not deserving of their wrath.  People that walk in the Word do not go vengefully into the night, leaving a blood bath of destruction for their causes as the ignorant do.



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