People With Names

Are Dying Everyday

in our inner cities.  Why isn’t anyone lining up to protest these deaths as some are willing to do for a lion with a name?  Let’s name all deer Bambi and then scream and wail in the streets when hunting season opens.  Just don’t wear your leather shoes when you do this.

Abortions are killing hundreds of people in America’s cities everyday yet where are the death threats and anger for this abomination?

The reason you are not seeing this outrage at that which true outrage is deserved, is because good people are the only ones that feel this way.  The ones with well-balanced, logical minds don’t go after people in rages and with threats and maybe this is unfortunate.  Keeps the evil ones ahead at this time.

Basically only those unable or unwilling to forgive others behave with angry, irrational responses hence their victims are usually not deserving of their wrath.  People that walk in the Word do not go vengefully into the night, leaving a blood bath of destruction for their causes as the ignorant do.



Musing My America

  1. If the government allows mothers to murder their own babies for being inconvenient and what more will they do to the inconvenient old folks in this country?
  2. If one life is not worth saving, why is another’s? Along the lines of either all life is sacred or none is.
  3. If something is good enough for some people, why is it not good enough for others?
  4. If murder is wrong and a sin, why is it OK to murder if your government or some form of authority tells you to do it?
  5. Why don’t some people speak up when they are being abused and other people scream about nothing?
  6. What country would make any criminal element welcome, let alone many? How could that country ever hope to stand?
  7. If you can’t take care of your own people, why would you invite other needy people into your family?
  8. Why does our country allow the media to make fun of and endanger so many people in the name of low-brow entertainment? Didn’t the Lords and Ladies of old laugh at the peasants for sport?
  9. Is it fair for other peasants to foot the bill for things in this country when some of the very wealthy do not pay any tax? How do we get corrected in a fair and just manner asap?
  10. Why do we have even more black violence in America, including the murdering of innocent white policemen, since we have had a black President in office? Anyone? I’m still trying to get over the fact that any mayor that would publicly say to allow thugs to riot and destroy things in any city would not only keep her job, but be offered a promotion.
  11. Anyone else thinking that our government is deliberately making things get out of control in this country just so they can declare Martial law, disarm and finally control everyone?
  12. Am I one of the few people that actually believe that all lives matter and that we should follow the teachings of Christ about forgiveness for those that repent? Most confuse who they are supposed to be forgiving nowadays.
  13. Does anyone think a new President, no matter the party, will be enough to fix this country now?