A World Without Love

Why do so many people want to live in a world without love?

Why do so many hate and fear Jesus?

I know that demons hate and fear Jesus and that’s a fact so what does that say about those here on earth right now who feel the same way?  Should that not tell everyone about the state of their souls?

I understand that some are raised with completely different religious beliefs so they wouldn’t get Him but it does not explain the mindset of the lost that float or tear through their lives, as well as other’s lives, with a “don’t tell me what to do” attitude scoffing at someone who gave His life to save the world if they would only believe.  Believe in love.

I always wondered how so many cannot see the obvious, the absolute truth of what Jesus said and did and the fact that this world will not stand unless they obey His commandment of love.

Every time you see disrespect or abuse, there is no love.  They say the opposite of love is indifference, but I beg to differ.  If you are indifferent, you will leave someone alone.  Now a mother who leaves a young child alone would in fact not love, but in most cases the opposite of love is unreasoned hatred.  Those that despise and try to ruin the innocent and good simply because they exist.  Now that’s evil and evil is diametrically opposed to love.

God is love so where there is no love, there is a Godless, barren and dangerous place.



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