Leading by Example

A leader, a king, is not just someone with a big ego and a big mouth, but someone who infills his people and leads them to greatness.  He gives to them, does not take from them.  He is not someone who strives to lead because that is his desire, but he leads because he must.  It is God’s desire

This sound’s a lot like Jesus.

This is why He is truly the King of Kings.  He is the ultimate leader because He does not lie or deceive for some ulterior motive but tells people the truth whether they wish to face that truth or not.  How is that a favor to tell anyone what they want to hear when the results of that lie could mean their very soul?

Jesus is the only leader anyone needs on earth.  We don’t need endless government bureaucracy and other men with guns to enforce punitive and unjust laws that man thinks up simply to control and take from others.  We all have to have a reason for living that makes sense because the alternative is being acted out daily by the non-believers.

Life is very hard and confusing, especially when one decides to trust in man instead of God.  I do find it strange how many do just that when they decide to follow people, called celebrities, that take the words and beliefs of Christ and change it up just enough to actually fool them into thinking this was their idea and not God’s.  I don’t have a lot of respect for thieves like that.  At least have the decency to give credit where credit is due even though Christ was generous with those types back in His day saying that those that are not against Him are actually for Him.*

He also warned that when the blind lead the blind sooner or later they all end up in the ditch.*

Most can see if something is right or fair, no matter how desperately they wish to rationalize bad or selfish behavior and downright evil is self-evident.

*Luke 9:50   *Luke 6:39


A World Without Love

Why do so many people want to live in a world without love?

Why do so many hate and fear Jesus?

I know that demons hate and fear Jesus and that’s a fact so what does that say about those here on earth right now who feel the same way?  Should that not tell everyone about the state of their souls?

I understand that some are raised with completely different religious beliefs so they wouldn’t get Him but it does not explain the mindset of the lost that float or tear through their lives, as well as other’s lives, with a “don’t tell me what to do” attitude scoffing at someone who gave His life to save the world if they would only believe.  Believe in love.

I always wondered how so many cannot see the obvious, the absolute truth of what Jesus said and did and the fact that this world will not stand unless they obey His commandment of love.

Every time you see disrespect or abuse, there is no love.  They say the opposite of love is indifference, but I beg to differ.  If you are indifferent, you will leave someone alone.  Now a mother who leaves a young child alone would in fact not love, but in most cases the opposite of love is unreasoned hatred.  Those that despise and try to ruin the innocent and good simply because they exist.  Now that’s evil and evil is diametrically opposed to love.

God is love so where there is no love, there is a Godless, barren and dangerous place.



Daily Prompt: Honestly!

I think my honesty is only as sincere as my latest mood swing.

I’m one of the most honest people I know because I’m not easily tempted.  I was raised in the Word and don’t do wrong or unfair things just because I think I can get away with it or when no one is looking.  I act in a manner that I am hoping everyone else does.

Honesty is stating what you think or feel is the truth at the time according to your moral compass.  Some believe truth is relative but I believe in certain absolutes.  Everything has a factual base that cannot be denied unless you actually lie.

Some can be honest to the point of being a clod that doesn’t care who they offend in the name of their truth.  Some fear lying for the moral implications and actually go so far as to hurt others so they don’t tell a lie.  I speak the truth but protect others as I need to depending on the circumstances.

If someone asks you if you like their new dress is it lying to say “It’s lovely!” even if you’re not that enthused?  Just stretching the truth or maybe you actually hate it.  Either way, no big deal and feelings are spared.  On the other hand if someone was doing something downright illegal, dangerous or dishonest and someone else was going to be harmed or get the blame if you didn’t speak up, hopefully you would have the guts to rat them out.

Depending on the conditions, honesty isn’t always the best policy.  Little white lies never hurt anyone, or do they?

Just ask Hillary.