Daily Prompt: The Missing Zodiac


Sign of the brown spoon

You’ve heard it said that some are born with a proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. When a Murphi was born, it was always back-arsewards so that spoon got stuck somewhere else! Hence the sign of the brown, and very smelly, spoon.
If something’s broken, you just touched it, if something fails, you believed it couldn’t.
It doesn’t matter that you try to avoid the crack when you walk because you’ll “break your mother’s back,” any part of the sidewalk that your shoe touches shatters!
9/11 was not Obama’s fault, it was yours.

You would love to visit old schools or even the hospital where you were born, but unfortunately those buildings were either condemned or mysteriously burned down. But that’s OK, you can’t move forward if you’re looking behind! Also, you can’t move forward because there’s always that pesky “brick wall” you keep hitting when you try.

Always remember, some things are larger than they appear and some things are smaller and you know how well that worked out for you!

Origin of Murphy’s Law.

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: The Missing Zodiac

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