Daily Prompt: In Retrospect; What You Should Expect

Murphi: Sign of the Brown Spoon

October 2014 Forecast:imwithstupid


Don’t, read any horoscope forecasts because they will only depress you.

If you are reading this, I can only assume that you mustered the courage to crawl out from under your bed and thankfully, the earth is still spinning.

Your natural tendency to “keep trying” will get you in still further trouble this month with a surprising “devil’s night” containing actual, real devils!


As usual, you won’t have to wear a mask for the next day’s celebration of Halloween, so that’s a plus.  The negative “Murphs on” with the fact that you have to keep replacing all the mirrors you break from looking into them in the first place.  When do the Murphi’s of this world ever learn!


Keep Murphing on!


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