Is Racism Alive And Well in The White House Secret Service?

Just thought I would put that out there.

It appears the President’s Secret Service is either very incompetent at their jobs or they are deliberately allowing possible assassins in the White House in the hopes of getting the President and the first family killed.

When I heard the thing about the prostitutes a couple of years back I thought they were just being disrespectful of the President as well as derelict in their duties but now, with what’s come out about someone putting bullets into the White House and only someone from the cleaning staff notices this, someone actually making it into the White House with a weapon and a man getting onto an elevator with a weapon when the President was riding it pushes this beyond just ordinary incompetency and into the realms of treachery.

I ask myself how anyone this bad at a job could first get the job and then keep it, even if everyone around you were just as incompetent.  Are they grudge holding republicans?  Perhaps some of the many haters of Obamacare or another one of his unpopular executive decisions?  Or can it be that they hate the idea of a black man in the White house.  Some things are hard to prove and actually knowing another man’s heart is almost impossible.  This being said people’s actions, or lack thereof, do speak louder than words.

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