Daily Prompt: In Retrospect; What You Should Expect

Murphi: Sign of the Brown Spoon

October 2014 Forecast:imwithstupid


Don’t, read any horoscope forecasts because they will only depress you.

If you are reading this, I can only assume that you mustered the courage to crawl out from under your bed and thankfully, the earth is still spinning.

Your natural tendency to “keep trying” will get you in still further trouble this month with a surprising “devil’s night” containing actual, real devils!


As usual, you won’t have to wear a mask for the next day’s celebration of Halloween, so that’s a plus.  The negative “Murphs on” with the fact that you have to keep replacing all the mirrors you break from looking into them in the first place.  When do the Murphi’s of this world ever learn!


Keep Murphing on!


Daily Prompt: The Missing Zodiac


Sign of the brown spoon

You’ve heard it said that some are born with a proverbial silver spoon in their mouths. When a Murphi was born, it was always back-arsewards so that spoon got stuck somewhere else! Hence the sign of the brown, and very smelly, spoon.
If something’s broken, you just touched it, if something fails, you believed it couldn’t.
It doesn’t matter that you try to avoid the crack when you walk because you’ll “break your mother’s back,” any part of the sidewalk that your shoe touches shatters!
9/11 was not Obama’s fault, it was yours.

You would love to visit old schools or even the hospital where you were born, but unfortunately those buildings were either condemned or mysteriously burned down. But that’s OK, you can’t move forward if you’re looking behind! Also, you can’t move forward because there’s always that pesky “brick wall” you keep hitting when you try.

Always remember, some things are larger than they appear and some things are smaller and you know how well that worked out for you!

Origin of Murphy’s Law.

Daily Prompt: The Infamous Tada

Just say the name Tada to anyone in my family and they will tell you that was my imaginary friend when I was little.

I never had an imaginary friend of any kind.  When I was only about 3 or 4 I loved performing for anyone that would watch, like most kids.  I would always end the show with a loud “tada!” while throwing my hands up for the applause and accolades that were sure to come my way.

My mother, being the sarcastic person she is, thought she’d be funny and asked me “tada, who’s tada?” after one of my shows.  Being the smart Alec I was I decided to tell her it was my invisible friend instead of just saying that I had no idea why I said “tada”.  I must have heard it on TV or something.

I then began to run around and tell Tada to stop chasing me.  They thought it was funny so I put on the act once in a while.  My sister would ask me about Tada and instead of coming clean and saying there is no Tada, I just made up all kinds of tall tales regarding this fictional friend because people seemed to enjoy it.  When I was about 11 or 12 I was fascinated by the occult and decided to have a ritual to finally get rid of Tada by taking one of our old plastic dolls, calling it Tada and going with my sister and some friends to bury her in a part of the local cemetery, not on top of a grave or anything.  So I committed some act of sacrilege, no doubt, but Tada was gone.

Various members of my family delighted in bringing up the fact that I had this imaginary friend in front of my actual friends or extended family just to try and embarrass me and try to make me look like I was insane or strange in some way.  I still continued the lie well into adulthood.  Not that I still had a fake friend, but went along with anyone that I used to have one.  Only recently did I tell my mom the truth and that she was the reason I started the lie to begin with because she made me mad by questioning me like that as a small child.  We had a good laugh about it, but I still don’t think she believes me, which makes me laugh harder!


My first Entrepreneurial Fiasco

I’ve been wanting to have my own business for as long as I can remember.

The first job I ever held was door to door sales girl.  I say girl because I was only 11 years old at the time.  I was an avid reader growing up and devoured all books and magazines near me, cover to cover.  For some reason I also read each and every advertisement in the backs of magazines.  One day an ad for selling greeting cards door to door caught my eye and I knew I’d found my dream job!  I thought, how easy can that be, to walk up to houses, show people various greeting cards, take their order and watch the money roll in.  Feeling big for my britches, I had to fib a little bit when I ordered my free starter kit by telling them I was 18 because they must have had the idea that someone my age couldn’t handle it.

When the package arrived I hid it under my bed with some feeble excuse of what it was and started going door to door all over my neighborhood after school, so sure of my money-making scheme.  After many days one neighbor finally agreed to make a purchase of a set of my cards, can’t remember which type.  I must have taken some kind of deposit from the woman but when I came to my mother asking her to get me a money order or check to send to the company to actually place the order, she refused and became very angry.  She told me how dangerous it was for a young girl to go door to door like that and told me to give the woman her money back.  The woman may have felt sorry for me because my parents had a meeting with her and she agreed to take the kit off my hand for the deposit money because she said she didn’t want it back.  The kit had a number of blank cards and envelopes she could use, and to further teach me a lesson and buy beer, my parents kept the deposit money and I never got a penny for all my wasted shoe leather.  I think that’s one of the reasons I love them so much.

I’m not doing any better now trying to sell on the internet between websites no one can find and the cost of running any ads.  How about you all?



Life’s Hopes and Dreams

If I were to imagine that the only use for my life would be to live and work diligently as insects do and then just die, I would say what I always thought as a child.  “What’s the point?”  When I became painfully aware of death as a young child, many times I wondered why I was doing anything.  Why any of us even bothered.

I then became aware of those that changed the world for others.  I felt strongly that this is the reason we are all here.  To make a difference for the better.  I find it very disturbing that most people are not very intelligent or wise.  That most don’t share my belief that we can all be someone else’s hero.  That many use other people for their selfish ends and proceed to lash out like a small child at the least provocation to anything or anyone that does not agree with them.  Most have absolutely no knowledge as to the miracle of life and just how precious every one of us are.

It’s really not their fault if they are not taught this in some way.  Humans only know what they learn from others.

I have suffered through a very hard and cruel life and when I was a young woman I made up my mind that I was going to write an autobiography, anonymously of course, in the hopes to help others that have shared similar fates and to warn women, especially mothers, of what not to do to their children.

Most don’t really have a clue what they are doing in life and will never realize this while they are here so there’s no problem for them at all.  Everyone I know that is content in his or her ignorance does not appear to have the ability to look beyond what they are automatically doing.  They never question any bad decision made even when confronted by others they have hurt.  Any accusation is incredulous to them.  What an odd way to live.  Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living” but I don’t know if I agree sometimes.  Some of the most self-deluded ignorant people are the amongst the most content that I know.  Ignorance is bliss to many but I just don’t understand how.

I believe an individual’s cloak should be removed from their sins if they are hurting others.  Jesus believed this as well.  He said this was why he was hated by many.  We should all be allowed to live as we wish as long as it doesn’t effect others adversely.  This almost never happens.  Anything we do does somehow effect others.  Even the act of hiding one’s head under the sand and committing the sin of omission.



Do You Believe in Life After Death?

Your answer is completely dependent on what you were brought up to believe and what your personal experience or experiences have been regarding those that have already passed on, including yourself.  There are many stories of people that have passed on from this world, that have been declared legally dead and were then resurrected one way or another.

Many of them swear that they experienced fantastic and wonderful things, most quite similar, but some claim to have seen the fires of hell on their way out.

I have personally experienced two separate incidences with two people that I loved right after their time of death.

I cannot prove exactly what happened or why, but it was very strange that there were two separate incidents that I am not able to explain in the natural.

I have to begin this with fact that I am not like most people.  I believe we all think this, but in my case it’s a fact.  Thankfully I have had witnesses to some of the strange things that have happened in my life including a wild bird flying out of the sky, jumping into my lap chirping away.  Finding someone’s missing hunting arrow under inches of new snow the day after hunt.  I could feel the same fear in that area as I did from the animal the night before.  It might be a Native American thing, who knows.

A couple of years ago I was putting on my face before going to work in my lighted make-up mirror as usual.  It turned off.  I immediately thought there must be a short or it just stopped working so I tried to turn it back on and it turned on, no problem.  I started putting my make-up on again only to have it shut it’s self off.  I turned it back on and again it turned off.  For some reason I was not frightened but thought it odd, like someone was playing a joke on me.  I said out loud, “Real funny joke.”  About a day later my ex-best friends daughter told me that her mom had passed away right before that.  We had been friends through school and for many years after before slowly growing apart in ideals and lifestyle.  Her daughter had been in touch with me through the later years, but not her mother,who used to be my very best friend.  We used to play pranks on each other when we were younger, she loved pranks and the private joke saying between us was “real funny joke you guys!”  My make-up mirror had never turned it’s self off before and has since done this only one time and that was right before my sister passed earlier this year.  I find the timing of this supernatural occurrence an odd coincidence.

Was this my friend trying to be funny?  Was someone beside my friend trying to contact me?  Was there a spiritual shake-up that caused this to happen because of their passing or imminent passing?  My sister was also friends with my friend.

My sister had been suffering with cancer for a number of months and the night she passed I put something down on my dresser and it slid backwards a number of inches before my eyes.  I thought I was seeing things, again not super concerned, only to find out the next morning that she had passed during the night.  Then I was not so sure I imagined it.  I’ve never imagined something like that before.

Was she trying to contact before going home?  Was someone else trying to tell me something or did I spiritually know something was amiss that caused it?  I guess I’ll find out one day.  We all will.




Is Racism Alive And Well in The White House Secret Service?

Just thought I would put that out there.

It appears the President’s Secret Service is either very incompetent at their jobs or they are deliberately allowing possible assassins in the White House in the hopes of getting the President and the first family killed.

When I heard the thing about the prostitutes a couple of years back I thought they were just being disrespectful of the President as well as derelict in their duties but now, with what’s come out about someone putting bullets into the White House and only someone from the cleaning staff notices this, someone actually making it into the White House with a weapon and a man getting onto an elevator with a weapon when the President was riding it pushes this beyond just ordinary incompetency and into the realms of treachery.

I ask myself how anyone this bad at a job could first get the job and then keep it, even if everyone around you were just as incompetent.  Are they grudge holding republicans?  Perhaps some of the many haters of Obamacare or another one of his unpopular executive decisions?  Or can it be that they hate the idea of a black man in the White house.  Some things are hard to prove and actually knowing another man’s heart is almost impossible.  This being said people’s actions, or lack thereof, do speak louder than words.