Stupidity & Evil Hand in Hand

I wrote the following comment on Just Writing!

We are all animals living on this earth. Man is supposed to become civilized or no one is safe. For this simple reason I believe Christ was born. Love God and love one another. Period.

Not a hard concept and since man is very stupid as a whole and selfish by nature, they need to be taught this or they would just revert to their natural Neanderthal tendencies. I believe that stupidity and evil go hand in hand for you really can’t have one without the other. You are stupid to be evil, period and stupid people tend to do or cause such horrific things in this world. We already know the evil that some can do simply because a judge or someone pretending to be a religious leader says it’s a good thing to do. The spiritually blind or ignorant will follow. I do believe most are just stupid but evil does exist.

Hitler2 imwithstupid

(Starting Halloween theme a little early)

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