Thank You Peter Schorsch!

Man’s stupidity usually knows no bounds unless someone with good sense reigns it in.

I love people like Peter Schorsch.  The ones that will not bow to the current nonsensical actions of those around him and actually dare to try to bring a stop to it.

God only knows what kind of mess this would cause if the “pay it forward” insanity did not come to an end when it did.  If it wasn’t him that stopped it, it would have been someone like me.

I can only imagine someone like myself who never frequents any coffee shops, especially large corporate owned ones with bizarre, occult looking symbols on them, stopping in one day with just a few bucks in their pocket, only to find out that they would be paying for the next customer that was there picking up Crappuccino’s for the entire office.

I don’t think so.

So many sheep went along with this stupidity until the 458th customer that could have afforded to pay and chose not to, stopped it.  Apparently they do this all over.

It does prove to me that even when I had a job, this place was too pretentious for me.  It shows that most, if not all, of the people who stop here can easily afford it otherwise it would have crossed their minds just why this is not a good idea and shouldn’t be continued.

This kind of nonsense discriminates against the poor and is not fair to anyone involved.  It’s fake “paying it forward.”  No one here is in need so they are making a mockery of why this movement ever started.

This man is touted as a liberal blogger but this was a very rational, conservative thing to do so thanks  again!

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