Daily Prompt: Old as Dirt

In ten days I will be 63 years old!

I keep recalling when one of my co-workers told me how old she was.  She was 52 at the time and while I was only 10 years younger I found myself wondering what it would feel like to be that old.

She looked good for her age.  She was a pretty woman, a little overweight, divorced, as myself.  She was involved in a long-term but abusive relationship with someone much younger and I wondered if she put up with it just to feel younger herself.  I remember her telling us that her brand new vehicle was in the shop because her boyfriend had come over drunk and started kicking in the side just to hurt her.  I also wondered what I would have done in the same situation because I’m not so forgiving.

Getting over Scarlet Fever in the 1950's.  Thank God antibiotics were introduced about 10 years before.

Getting over Scarlet Fever in the 1950’s. Thank God antibiotics were introduced about 10 years before.

Oh, that’s right, the age thing again.  Well I’m glad I can say I’m getting old.  Many people never get to say this.  The baby that never makes it to it’s first birthday.  The child that succumbs to some childhood illness or accident like I almost did at age seven.  That young soldier that was just killed in yet another of our many wars and all the people trying to live our their lives and because of illness, accident or deliberate acts of downright evil, never get to grow old.

Rejoice in whatever age you are.  Revel in it and never take your life or that of others for granted.

The grim-reaper is just around the corner as we all will eventually find out.


Daily Prompt: Laughing til you pee!

I have always loved to laugh.  As teens my sister and I would have our friends spend the night on weekends and get in so much trouble laughing until the wee hours of the morning.

I remember when our authoritative and sometimes brutal father would be in a bad mood at the dinner table.  He would greet everyone by, “and I don’t want to hear a peep out of anyone tonight, just eat!”  One of us, usually me, would try to make an almost silent “peep” sound just to defy him, even if it possibly meant a beating.  That’s how dysfunctional were all were.  Then I would get a super case of nerves and want to burst out laughing, again at my own risk.  I would sit there stifling my laughter, in which I would be making an audible sort of snort sound.  Sometimes my siblings would join me and the harder we tried not to laugh the stronger the urge was to burst out with loud guffaws.  About that time, if my dad was not in that bad of a mood, both my parents would join us laughing.

I remember one time sitting in church with my family and friends after I was married for a special Christmas program.  The pastor walked out on stage with a hand drawn card in his hand.  My oldest quickly telling us that the pastor was holding his card, he recognized it because he drew a bouquet of flowers on the back.  The pastor then proceeded to read the card to the entire congregation “Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s snowing outside, and in here too!”  The entire church broke out laughing and I was so embarrassed!  My friend could not stop laughing even after the pastor began to preach so we both got the giggles and could hardly control ourselves.  Best night ever!

To answer the question when was the last time I really laughed, it was while I was writing this, just thinking about it again.

Being silly after harvest time.

Being silly after harvest time.

I learned that you truly can laugh to keep from crying.  That you can choose to see the light side of almost anything, so that’s my choice and hope you feel the same way!

Pop in a comedy tonight or just start watching some crazy pet or child video on youtube.com.  A good laugh or silliness can really lighten your mood.