Daily Prompt: Freud Flips Out!

Sometimes I have the coolest dreams.  I don’t remember them as vividly as I used to when I was younger but here is an example of my very active nights!

I was looking at the house from the outside.  Looked a little like that oddly shaped house in the Amityville Horror.  My sons were both with me looking for a house to move into.  We decided to go inside to look around.  It was quite dark and had many closed doors along the sides of the endless, narrow hallway.  I knew I watched too many episodes of Dark Shadows growing up.  I began opening the doors and looking inside.  They were empty.  My kids had gone further down the hall so I was alone.  I opened another door and saw a really awesome statue that looked like one of those religious saints.  It was quite large.  I started to walk over to get a better look and the statue began moving, slowly at first.  You know that feeling that you swear something is happening but you must be imagining it, then you realize it’s really happening?

I started to back up and saw the figure begin to awaken as if it was actually alive.  I turned to run out the door and the hall had turned into an amusement park.  I was screaming for my kids, but they were nowhere in sight.  I started running past buildings and went inside one of them.  It was really huge like a warehouse and very dark inside.  There were others milling about, but really too dark to see who anyone was.  There were open doors along the very wide hall.  It sort of felt like a mall in a blackout.  I was in mall during a bad storm once many years ago they lost power due to a twister.  This reminded of it.  All of a sudden I saw my dog that had passed the year before but it was like he was still here with me.  I was holding his body close to mine and said “We’re going to have to do this boy, it’s going to be OK,” or something like that, took his leash and started walking with him in the lead.  I could feel the strong cold wind blowing on us, pushing us back like a horrible storm had just cropped up.

Then I awoke.

The window was left open and there was a cool breeze blowing in from outside.  I think the dream was just basically there’s a lot of difficulty and uncertainty in life, but that you have to continue and everything will be alright or as it should be.

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