Writing 101: Day One With Hope

I actually did learn something new today and I it made me so happy!  Now that I am older I keep blaming old age on my faltering memory.  I’ve always had short-term memory problems since I was a child but what I read in that excerpt from “How to Write” by author Khaled Hosseini gave me hope.

I thought I was the only one that experienced the filter phenomena.  I used to write all the time.  If I didn’t write it down on paper immediately, the thought was gone and usually for good.  The times I tried to use the keyboard instead of the old-fashioned way, I found my brain meandered way more than just jotting the quick idea down that I could work with later in greater detail.  I really found pen and paper the best way to save my ideas, story assuring that I keep the genuine thoughts so precious for my creative process.  I also find myself going off on various tangents related to the points I am trying to communicate, but it becomes very tiresome.  I can imagine how this comes across to the readers.

I have written a self-published “how-to” book regarding tax resolution, so boring, but I did have the worst time proofreading it.  I think I slowly rewrote most of the information.  I can just imagine what will happen if I ever tried fiction, even though I used to be decent at short stories.

Looking forward to tomorrows assignment!



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