Musings of the Day: April 3, 2014

  1. Wondering just how the antidepressant effected this latest Fort Hood shooter.  When I hear depression, I think medicated.  I remember when I was stupid enough to listen to my then Dr. that my fatigue and muscle pain was probably depression and medication could help me.  Bad move.  Once I started taking that crap, which never did help my symptoms by the way, I never felt myself.  It was horrible.  I walked around able to function, but feeling like I was surrounded by a cloud of cotton candy.  Can’t really describe it any better.  Unnatural and floaty.  Not happy, but not caring and that began to scare me.  Normally I’m a very caring person and conscientious about things I do.  A bomb could have gone off next to me and I would not have responded.  That is the last thing we need to do to people.  Make them living zombies for the fact that I believe some can just act out and not even think it’s wrong or even care.  It’s like taking away someone’s humanity and then expecting them to still be human.  Being high, or not in one’s right mind is always a key factor to most accidents and any violence.  Better idea is to stop wars and abuse of people and allow us to live our lives naturally.  Not torture and traumatize everyone then give them pills or alcohol and hope this makes them all better again.
  2. Kate Puzey was brutally murdered five years ago while serving in our Peace Corps.  Real peaceful.  She is exactly the reason that I cannot even begin to do things like this.  I would love to use my talents and experience to help others, but have found that the hoops you have to jump through, the regulations needed to be followed and the fact that there are just so many other, unpleasant and downright dangerous people you have to be with, is not worth it to me.  Knowing my strong personality I would have gone about stopping the evil she saw going on myself.  Thank God for people as brave as Kate Puzey.  Unfortunately there are some really evil people in this world, especially when you go to other countries that tend to be more barbaric and even more openly women-hating than America so what’s the point in trying to make a female’s life better when it will never be allowed?  It appears the Peace Corps is a very poorly run farce of an organization.  Why do they continue to send people into areas that truly are not safe?  Why do they pretend they can make a difference, yet allow these other countries to continue to practice religion and traditions that harm others?  Do they do background checks on all they hire?  President Obama did sign a protection act in 2011 and more information can be found on
  3. I am still not quite sure how the Supreme Court’s decision to remove the cap on the amount that can be donated to specific parties or candidates as unconstitutional, still only allows the little guy a cap of $2,600 per election.  So who is it that has the cap removed because it’s unconstitutional to tell someone what they are allowed to donate?  If anyone can explain this to me, I would appreciate it.


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