The April Fools’ Joke That Never Got To Be

Years ago the place where I was working sent an email to all the departments asking us to post the worst April Fools’ joke that we played or was played on us to a company wide website.

I really didn’t have one but decided to post a fake story to be funny that was really borderline risqué as well as I tried to make it obvious that I was so stupid about what happened that hopefully anyone would know this story was bogus.  Then what I planned to do was post an additional “April Fools'” to those that may have been fooled later in the day.

I never got to do that and was my face red!

Here’s a recreation of the fake April Fool’s story I posted so you can see why I needed to say “didn’t really happen folks!”:

A couple of years ago I had the best April Fools’ prank pulled on me by my husband and my best friend.  They love pulling pranks on me all the time and I can never tell what these two will cook up next!  I came home from work to find them both in bed together, lol!  And to make it really realistic they jumped out of bed without a stitch of clothing on shouting “April Fools’!  Those scamps!  A few months later that ex-best friend called to say she might be pregnant!  What a card!

 Hopefully you get the idea that I wanted people to think I was so stupid that when I caught my husband in bed with my best friend I believed their claim of an April Fools’ joke carried to an extreme.  Important to know that this scenario never happened to me but as I stated before, I planned to let everyone know the story was an April Fools’ gag from me to see who would think I was that naïve.

Then I receive an email to console me from some woman in another department I didn’t even know.  She was so sweet and concerned for me I felt like a rat for posting the joke and then didn’t want to make her feel bad that she couldn’t see through what I thought was an obviously tall tale.

I’m sure some of my co-workers still pity me today, lol!


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