The Ability to See Beyond the End of One’s Nose

Should be a major job requirement before you are allowed to serve the public in any way.

Especially if you are the head of a major country.

Most of us are already aware of the gross incompetence and injustice that goes on every day in this country.  I am finally becoming very concerned about the future of the United States of America.

Well, the future of the citizens anyway.  The wealthy and the ones in charge of everything always make sure they get theirs no matter what.  Even when they run the country into the ground.

It’s not just that I have a higher than average IQ.  Not genius mind you, but I was told by my high school counselor that if I didn’t get into at least a four-year college, what a waste of my brains.  This being said, I have really tried to bury my head in the proverbial sands by becoming a workaholic and staying busy most of the time.

It’s pretty hard to ignore complete ignorance and stupidity.  Especially when this ignorance is causing complete havoc with most of the country.  I’m not saying that President Obama is deliberately trying to destroy the country and I’m not one of those “birthers.” I actually voted for him both times.  Look who was running against him and I certainly won’t vote for that sneaky Hillary and allow the Clintons to serve more than the two terms that Bill already served.

I am very concerned with what ObamaCare will end up doing to our economy, which is already in the toilet.  I am speaking about those that are losing their current coverage, having their premiums jacked up unreasonably, some like myself that lost their primary care physician or will lose them and those that will be fined for not being bullied into buying yet another product that they don’t need.   It’s bad enough that we all feel the need to own a vehicle because this government refuses to offer decent mass transit in all major cities.

Before this was the major mortgage meltdown that none of us have recovered from even though the banks were all bailed out.  I think my home is still only worth about half of what I paid for it nine years ago and since I can no longer afford the payments, instead of just being able to sell my home for what I paid for it I will be forced into a bankruptcy, foreclosure or downright abandonment of the property.  More about this on a later post.

Now I have been receiving emails from the White House harping on this current “raising the minimum wage” to $10.10.  They say ignorance is bliss so I have never been able to achieve what some call happiness.  I am too caring, conscientious and intelligent not to understand what is happening at this time.  I am also painfully able to forecast the end results of most this bad decision-making.  It is terrifying that the heads of this country are not able to critically think to figure out the possible worst case scenarios to all these bad decisions.

So many people are being placed on permanent part-time, under 30 hours a week so that their employers don’t have to provide health insurance, other small business owners are simply being put out of business.  Can you imagine how many employees are going to be jobless when even more employers will have to either lay some off or permanently close up shop?

Now this is either very bad decision-making on behalf of the White House or it’s being done on purpose.  If it’s being done on purpose then you have to ask why.  Is our government deliberately trying to cause civil unrest, which will come about with so many losing jobs, homes, etc. so they can finally declare martial law and completely take us over?  We can see they’ve been training all of our military and police forces accordingly for some reason.  I was going to say the only other reason is to make us worse off than the slaves were.  If we step out of line, we won’t be beaten but shot to death.  But this other scenario leads again to civil unrest.

This country was started for and by the people but instead America has been sold out from under the real Americans, the citizens.  The commie pinkos’ in charge have made deals with other countries that have caused so many job losses and a lower standard of living for so many of us.  Then they think they can pretend to put a band-aid on the mortal wound they inflicted by making impossible demands on the small business owners.  They allow the large corporations and big banks to employ people in other countries to work their customer service phone areas and most can’t even speak or understand English to be of much help.  It is frustrating and unfair to do this to the American public.  They out-source as many of our jobs to foreigners as they can get away with just short of making it obvious they are committing treason.

It’s not the info leakers that are against this country, it’s the American political leaders that are against the very idea of America and what it was supposed to be based on.  Freedom.  Most of us don’t even know what that is anymore.  Most are brain-washed from strictly controlled network programming and wouldn’t recognize an independent thought if they had one.  This is why they are so quick to push their very liberal and wrong idea of “one world” trade and commerce.  Only a very few at the top will ever benefit from their agreements.  The rest of us will live and die in servitude and poverty.

Make no mistake.  America has truly been overthrown from within and no one had to fire a shot.

All Things Through Christ

Remembering the greatest sacrifice ever made in the history of the world.  The day Jesus the Christ gave his life so that all who believed and keep his commandment of love for one another will be saved.

Jesus told them “If you love me keep my commandment.”

  To those that love the Lord:

Musings of the Day: April 3, 2014

  1. Wondering just how the antidepressant effected this latest Fort Hood shooter.  When I hear depression, I think medicated.  I remember when I was stupid enough to listen to my then Dr. that my fatigue and muscle pain was probably depression and medication could help me.  Bad move.  Once I started taking that crap, which never did help my symptoms by the way, I never felt myself.  It was horrible.  I walked around able to function, but feeling like I was surrounded by a cloud of cotton candy.  Can’t really describe it any better.  Unnatural and floaty.  Not happy, but not caring and that began to scare me.  Normally I’m a very caring person and conscientious about things I do.  A bomb could have gone off next to me and I would not have responded.  That is the last thing we need to do to people.  Make them living zombies for the fact that I believe some can just act out and not even think it’s wrong or even care.  It’s like taking away someone’s humanity and then expecting them to still be human.  Being high, or not in one’s right mind is always a key factor to most accidents and any violence.  Better idea is to stop wars and abuse of people and allow us to live our lives naturally.  Not torture and traumatize everyone then give them pills or alcohol and hope this makes them all better again.
  2. Kate Puzey was brutally murdered five years ago while serving in our Peace Corps.  Real peaceful.  She is exactly the reason that I cannot even begin to do things like this.  I would love to use my talents and experience to help others, but have found that the hoops you have to jump through, the regulations needed to be followed and the fact that there are just so many other, unpleasant and downright dangerous people you have to be with, is not worth it to me.  Knowing my strong personality I would have gone about stopping the evil she saw going on myself.  Thank God for people as brave as Kate Puzey.  Unfortunately there are some really evil people in this world, especially when you go to other countries that tend to be more barbaric and even more openly women-hating than America so what’s the point in trying to make a female’s life better when it will never be allowed?  It appears the Peace Corps is a very poorly run farce of an organization.  Why do they continue to send people into areas that truly are not safe?  Why do they pretend they can make a difference, yet allow these other countries to continue to practice religion and traditions that harm others?  Do they do background checks on all they hire?  President Obama did sign a protection act in 2011 and more information can be found on
  3. I am still not quite sure how the Supreme Court’s decision to remove the cap on the amount that can be donated to specific parties or candidates as unconstitutional, still only allows the little guy a cap of $2,600 per election.  So who is it that has the cap removed because it’s unconstitutional to tell someone what they are allowed to donate?  If anyone can explain this to me, I would appreciate it.


The April Fools’ Joke That Never Got To Be

Years ago the place where I was working sent an email to all the departments asking us to post the worst April Fools’ joke that we played or was played on us to a company wide website.

I really didn’t have one but decided to post a fake story to be funny that was really borderline risqué as well as I tried to make it obvious that I was so stupid about what happened that hopefully anyone would know this story was bogus.  Then what I planned to do was post an additional “April Fools'” to those that may have been fooled later in the day.

I never got to do that and was my face red!

Here’s a recreation of the fake April Fool’s story I posted so you can see why I needed to say “didn’t really happen folks!”:

A couple of years ago I had the best April Fools’ prank pulled on me by my husband and my best friend.  They love pulling pranks on me all the time and I can never tell what these two will cook up next!  I came home from work to find them both in bed together, lol!  And to make it really realistic they jumped out of bed without a stitch of clothing on shouting “April Fools’!  Those scamps!  A few months later that ex-best friend called to say she might be pregnant!  What a card!

 Hopefully you get the idea that I wanted people to think I was so stupid that when I caught my husband in bed with my best friend I believed their claim of an April Fools’ joke carried to an extreme.  Important to know that this scenario never happened to me but as I stated before, I planned to let everyone know the story was an April Fools’ gag from me to see who would think I was that naïve.

Then I receive an email to console me from some woman in another department I didn’t even know.  She was so sweet and concerned for me I felt like a rat for posting the joke and then didn’t want to make her feel bad that she couldn’t see through what I thought was an obviously tall tale.

I’m sure some of my co-workers still pity me today, lol!