Daily Prompt: Young at Heart

By the title of this website you can guess I ain’t no spring chicken even though my original website is entitled “Po’ Girl Shines!”  I have technically not been a “girl” for a very long time, but Po’ Girl sounds a lot better than Po’ Woman.  The later sounds somehow pathetic.

PoGirlShinesLogoOvalIf you haven’t checked it out yet.

Because I am still 16 or maybe 21 in my heart I have hope for the future and believe I really can do all things through Christ who gives me my strength.

I do know one thing.  If you ever allow yourself to “give-up” you are in trouble.  If you ever feel the world wants you to quit, give it the middle finger in your mind!  That’s when you refuse to quit!  Always remember if it lifts up, it’s of God, if it tears down it’s not.

I still care what I look and feel like.  I exercise, walk when I can and eat the right foods.  I have never gotten joy from being “high” on any substance and over-eating feels even worse to me, thank God!  I get joy in new discoveries in my world and about myself.  I will do the best I can to maintain my health as I start my journey home.

My mother-in-law is about to turn 96 years old next month.  She was plump her entire life because she ate well but always exercised and was active doing so many things.  She’s had a garden for the last 50 years or so, cans and preserves in a number of ways.  I can say she would never eat processed foods of any kind, including margarine.  She was able to enjoy occasional homemade sweets because the rest of her diet was so healthy and she had enough physical exercise to stave off things like diabetes.  She has had both knees replaced because she was a dance teacher her entire life until she retired and sold her business in her 60’s.

I am happy that I still get the most joy when I do something for someone else.  The very reason I wanted to start my blog was to give information that I gathered through my life experiences in everything from how to save money to how to be saved.  I know that most people are very poor in spirit as well as financially.

I plan to blog diligently during this next year when I expect to be going through bankruptcy and foreclosure so I can advise others that may be in the same boat.

Peace and God bless!

Cause & Effect: Teach Your Children Well


I need to ask you parents something.  Would you rather be right or see your child fit in?

Would you be willing to send your child to school with a bull’s-eye on his or her back just to prove a point?  Most men would have had a fit if their son wanted to bring something like that to school at that age but leave it to mom to think it’s A-OK to love My Little Pony!  Then there are the “Bronies.”

People definitely should not be bullied into anything, but we all know this is how most things are run in the world.  We are all bullied to a certain extent to perform in school and work, to obey laws and to pay our tax.  If we didn’t fear some kind of punishment or humiliation from our behavior, the human race could fast turn into soulless, purposeless monsters.  Much like some are now.

Most of us learned cause and effect when we were growing up.  It’s a sign of an intelligent mind.  A mind that would like to survive because it figured out if I do this, then that may happen.  This is how we learn what we should or shouldn’t be doing because it provokes certain responses from others.  You then need to decide should you continue your actions, even if you are in the right or are you being demeaned by others because you are disgusting them.  Sometimes bullies have a point when they make fun of those that appear to want to be made fun of.  Nasty people will find any reason to attack those they think are weak and no one has to antagonize them.

If someone appears hostile or menacing an intelligent person thinks twice before provoking those they know won’t hesitate to abuse in some way.  It’s like an openly gay guy deciding to knowingly go into a red neck bar in the Bible belt.  That’s a go at your own risk type of deal.  Everyone knows you should be able to have the freedom to do what you want, within reason, but many would love to bully that man due to the fact that they would think he should know better and is probably trying to antagonize them.

That is another reason that people are abused by others.  Nothing makes some people madder than when they feel they are being played by someone.  Being taunted in some way.  I don’t really feel sorry for people that know they offend others and choose to do it anyway only to cry about it later.  Sort of like a kid dumb enough to taunt a classmate with “Nah nah nah nah nah” then cry when they get beat up.

There are some that are offended by anyone just looking at them, but those people don’t count.  That kind of evil usually comes to no good like the Detroit man who killed a teen for giving him a “look” he didn’t like and in turn also caused the accidental shooting death of the accomplice’s seven-year old daughter.  Ironic that this accomplice was the one that gave him the gun to shoot someone else’s child.

Daily Prompt: I Believe

The Things I Believe to be True

  1. The way you think is the way your life will be to a great extent.  Sort of like what goes around, comes around.
  2. The worst thing you can do to the human spirit is too much for someone.
  3. That Jesus died for our sins because of our sins.  Hence number one in the things I believe to be false category.

The Things I Believe to be False

  1. That people are good by nature.  That you can actually trust people as a rule.
  2. That any country’s government really wants the best for its citizens.
  3. That anyone in control will willingly give anyone freedom.  I believe we have to be ever vigilant to the loss freedoms everyday in every way.

worldeyes2013MayGardenMuffin 007

Irony of a Smile

I was thinking about the irony of most people’s smiles.  I really believe that most people are a lot like me and smile especially when they don’t mean it.  Sort of laughing to keep from crying.  I believe that most are pretty unhappy in their lives and for so many good reasons.  Too many to mention at this time, but hence the non-stop commercials for antidepressants the last 10 or 15 years.

The irony of so many people’s smiles is that most use them to cover up the deep pain they live with day after day and that the more ignorant and negative among us don’t get it because they are too ignorant to realize that a fake smile does help to make one feel better.  Some think it is hypocrisy, but I believe it is a way to appear more civil and likable to others.

So what does the ignorant, negative one do?  They feel enraged inside at the very idea that someone may be happy or feel better about their lives than they do so they try to wipe that smile off another’s face.

That is the irony of most smiles.


Super Bowl Premonition

Wish I had a bookie!

On the morning of February 2, 2014, Super Bowl Sunday, I opened the blinds in my studio to see a large hawk in the far corner eating an animal, probably one of the many rabbits that stay nearby.

When people were asking me later that day who I thought was going to win, I kept saying the Seahawks because the first thing I saw today was a hawk “tearing up its prey!”

This is the footage that I uploaded to youtube.com that day.