And the World Keeps Turning

Just another gangbanger shooting spree.  The kind that happens in poor, mostly black neighborhoods almost every day now.

The headlines read “4 Shot at NC Church; Boy, 12, Critically Wounded.” is the only network news station carrying the story at this time online.

The story does not state the race or ethnicity of any of the young people involved but states the shooting took place shortly before 6pm Monday while they were playing basketball on the courts behind Word Tabernacle Church in Rocky Mount.

This is so horrible, but I have not heard this mentioned on any of the network news stations on television as of yet.  Why do I believe if this shooting had occurred in a white church or school with white children, this not only would have been reported as news, but we may even have had them break into the regular programming to tell us about it?

Just an oversight or just another sign of racial inequality?  A sign that some are giving up on the black culture to the point that a black child’s life is not as important as a white child’s life?  I truly believe that family starts with the women and they need to find a mama hubby before they make a baby daddy out of them.  That term pisses me off.  You either care or you don’t and the sad part is, if too many don’t care, most everyone else will join in.

Just sayin’.

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