Too Much to Muse

I started this site with the fondest hopes of airing the concerns I have for our world.

I guess the main concern I should have is why years ago I had such passion to make a difference but now that I actually have the time to post my opinions, I don’t bother.

I want to think I am being lazy, which I am, or maybe I have become too apathetic to mankind’s many problems.  There are just too many to choose from each day.

I know he didn’t jinx me, but someone once told me that whenever you have the ability to do what you want to do, many times you no longer want to do it.  That it can actually become an effort to work on something you don’t actually have to work on.

I think back to when I was an air-headed, and blond at the time, teenager.  I was about as flaky as they come, sad to say.  I remember being very fickle about everything.  I never had any strong feelings about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  That may just be because I haven’t yet.

I still think that my problem is too many problems in the world.  I cannot decide what issues to even start with.

Constant wars, unemployment due to our government allowing corporations to contract and employ people in other countries, unfair wages, violence of all kinds which kind of ties into the never-ending war thing, lack of faith, too many acting on their every impulse and desire instead of taking the high road, genetic experiments from human to plant life, manufacturing things that are not needed or wanted by most that is causing severe pollution of the entire planet and gross depletion of our earth’s natural resources.

Some of these we can work on but may not have time to if some other issues are not resolved immediately.  If we don’t stop destruction of the earth itself, it will no longer be able to support any life on it.  I am very concerned about this fact due to most of the people in charge of everything are ignorant, greedy men only concerned with making money.  Any sign of wisdom would be banished from their domain.

Rich people should not be running the world.  Wise people should be.

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