Native American Tales on Columbus Day

I bought a T-shirt at a Pow Wow a couple of years ago showing a vintage photo of some Native Americans with the inscription “Fighting Terrorism since 1492.”  It’s my official Columbus Day shirt.

I want to thank Bob Costas for doing that commentary regarding the way the United States still defiles and demeans the very people they attempted to wipe out when they stole their land and made a mockery of their holy places many years ago.  He made a mistake when he said that most Native Americans don’t really care about these offensive mascot and team names.  They are very offended, but have given up trying to get the fools that still do this to stop.  What’s the point?  I can remember how fast they made the Sambos restaurants change their name because of the same type of racial insensitivity back in the 1970s.

Native American Activists have been trying to get these sport groups to stop using offensive Indian references and mascots for many years to no avail.  People like Michael Haney and Russell Means, who have now passed on, have been largely ignored.  Why the NAACP does nothing is amazing to me.  Red is a color as well.  As someone who is part Native American myself, I am sick of this crap going on still today and I have to pretend that I have respect for a country that allows this.  Well, personally, I’m done.  My emails have been ignored and unless I can get a hold of Oprah or someone like that, not one thing will change.  Try calling a sports group the darkies and see how far you get.  Racism 101.  I will fight no more forever!


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