This entirely depends on who is judging.  What is good for one man is complete injustice to another, and so it goes. 

Finding justice on earth for many is possible but does not usually happen for one reason or another, usually due to personal feelings and inner demons which we all have.  If you don’t think you have inner demons, then you probably entertain them regularly so you don’t even notice anymore. 

George Zimmerman may have convinced six women that he needed to stand his ground when he shot and killed the young man who was minding his own business just trying to walk home after getting his snacks, but will he be able to convince God later on?

Sure, I wasn’t there, but my heart was.  I still don’t have a good feeling about how this all went down and somehow I can’t quite convince myself that there was ever any ground to be stood, except for the one in Zimmerman’s mind when he took it upon himself to stalk Trayvon Martin for no good reason.  Then because he started something, it became something more and he was unable to stop it without violence, or so he says.

Now a young man is dead before he ever really got to live, another man is facing eternal judgement one day and many lives are destroyed in the process.

A few things to think about:

Anyone who feels a need to stand their ground better be darn sure this is what you need to do because there are no “do-overs” with death for the most part.
Unless you know something the rest of us don’t know about what happens to us after we die, just because you don’t believe in hell does not mean it does not exist.  No one here gets out alive and we all take ourselves with us when we go. 
We are all only human and not invincible, no matter what some of you believe. 
Don’t go looking for trouble unless you are willing to greet it head on.


“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.  this is why right, temporarily defeated, is sronger than evil triumphant.”    Dr Martin Luther King Jr

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